Being a Stranger in a very Strange Land California


One of the joys of living in California for over 30 years in both the south and the Bay Area was watching demographic change swirl through some of it and revise whole towns overnight as the newcomers swept away the old. Such a case in point was the City of Compton. Almost 100% white into the ’50s with all the usual tricks of a society that wanted to live by itself was completely replaced by blacks in the 60’s and they remained the majority of the population until into the 90s when they were all swept away by the incoming Mexicans and other hispanics with all the violence and turf wars and shootouts that presage big changes in little places.

New York and some of the other Atlantic states are slowly figuring out that what happened so dramatically in Florida could and will happen in their towns as the newcomers from south of the border kick the ever loving crap out of the old denizens and demons that run the drugs, gangs, pimps in places like New York City and either exterminate them or drive them out. Perhaps they’ll head to the suburbs and New Jersey. It’s hard to tell where they’ll end up.

What the current demons don’t really understand is that the Mexicans?

The guys that routinely take on the Mexican Army and own the Mexican police forces from the local level all the way up to the Minister of Justice and Minister of Defense…..those cartels you hear about from time to time if you look for news other than in the mainstream of media foulness, they are the utterly amoral killers and they’re more heavily armed than anybody in the United States and they’re coming here.

They also know that the richest pickings are in places like New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the other urban hellholes that spawned the gangs, the drugs and the crime that make urban living so darned pleasant for commuters in those places.

When the mayors of towns like NYC bleat about a mere 45,000 illegals dumped on his city by the mayors of Texas and Oklahoma towns and the Federales who answer to literally noone, he aint seen nothing yet. What a pity they shit on their police, defunded their police and voted for socialist progressive liberal BLM types to administer justice in their fair little cities.

In 20 years you will not be able to recognize them. Kind of like Compton.

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