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Glock 28: The .380 ACP Glock That’s Making Non-Glockers Excited! by MATTYP

The USA-made Glock 28 chambered in .380 Auto
The Glock 28 will now be available for purchase in the USA!


Glock. Love them or hate them, we all know what they are. Regardless of your personal feelings, chances are you know someone who has at least one, you’ve probably shot it, and you’ve heard their opinion on why the G19 is better than any other gun ever made.

News of a new Glock model becoming available would normally only excite the Glock-heads, but the .380 ACP double-stack Glock 28 is turning the heads of even the non-Glockers. Though .380 ACP isn’t all that exciting, the Glock 28 is.

You know the adage; you want something more when you realize you can’t have it. It’s called the scarcity effect. It’s a psychological phenomenon that says when you see something that is rare, desirable, or expensive, your subconscious mind makes you think about having it more than if you saw something that was abundant. And, it’s no different with the Glock 28.

Thanks to the 1968 Gun Control Act and the ATF, the Glock 28 had been nearly impossible to own in the United States. The Glock 28 isn’t new. In fact, it has been available overseas for years. But the Gun Control Act established specific “sporting purposes” criteria that all imported handguns would have to meet.

Simply put, the Glock 28 never made the grade, could not be imported, and has never been available… until now. Sort of.

While Austrian-made G28s will forever be extremely rare here in the states, USA-made G28s are now available in the land of the free and home of the brave. Thanks to the new Glock production facility in Smyrna, GA, a small number of Glock 28s have been manufactured.

The only difference between the Austria-made vs USA-made is the manufacturing stamp. “Made in Austria” vs “Made in USA.”

The small run is being facilitated by the TALO buying group, which also includes a long list of wholesaler members, retailers, and dealers.

How does it measure up? The G28 has a 3.43-inch barrel, a standard 10+1 bullet capacity, and weighs 20.64 ounces, unloaded.

It is a smidge smaller and lighter than the G26 and G27, which is great for a pocket-carry pistol, or even an ankle-carry, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Put up against the other .380 ACP Glocks available in the USA, the G42 stands as a bit thicker and heavier, which is a no-brainer when you consider the double-stack magazine.

How does it perform? Stay tuned to GunsAmerica for a full review.

Even though this release is utilizing the TALO distribution powerhouse, don’t let that fool you. Glock 28 production has been officially labeled “limited,” meaning if you want one, don’t wait.

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