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Bare-Naked Lady Wielding Frying Pan Shot By Virginia Homeowner by KIMBER PEARCE

Paula Michelle Locklear. (Photo: Carroll County Sheriff’s Office)

A Virginian homeowner shot a woman last week when she broke into his house stark naked and attacked him with a frying pan, say authorities.

Police arrived on the scene that night to discover the woman, 35-year-old Paula Locklear, with a gunshot wound to the leg. After investigating the incident further, they “determined that the shooting was the result of a breaking and entering.”

According to the New York Post and other sources, the homeowner heard a noise, and upon entering his kitchen, found “an unclothed female” who began hitting him with his own cast-iron pan.

The victim successfully locked her out on the back porch but authorities say that Locklear then found the electrical breaker and turned off the electricity to the house.

She began to beat on the window, yelling that the homeowner had better “get out of his house or she would kill him”.

When Locklear resumed beating on the door that she had originally entered through, the homeowner was forced to fire a shot, hitting her in the leg.

The homeowner is not currently being charged, says Fox News, with authorities deeming it a self-defense shooting.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office stated that Locklear is being charged with “breaking and entering with a weapon, assault and battery, and damage of property.”

Locklear was brought by officials to a hospital to be treated for her wound before being incarcerated in the county jail.

The homeowner made a tough call but ultimately it comes down to self-defense and he was lucky to have been prepared for any situation.

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