Some Scary thoughts

Waiting for Armageddon Or, not? by T.L. Davis

The seriousness of our predicament cannot be overstated. We’re in the clutches of the insane with no institutional integrity, no political allies, no military allies, no cultural solidarity on which to draw. At best we are vindicated in our points of view by scattered media outlets of limited reach. At the same time, we’re being targeted, victimized and pursued by the very bureaucracies we’ve funded and supported through taxes, however unwillingly.

The only means of survival both figuratively and literally is in noncompliance. Easier said than done, because they’re coming at us from every direction with everything they have, all the weight of the federal government, the banking institutions, the medical establishment, the national and international corporations.

Who are we then, the individuals, to stop them?

Understand that you, the individual, is the target, because you are the strength and the soul of America and to that end, the dangerous, rebellious villains in their designs. They think if they can separate you from all others you can be controlled, dominated. They cannot be allowed to separate us. They have already proven that if they spread fear they can drive millions into cages and willfully accept poison as sustenance. This is what the pandemic proved to them and cannot be undone, unproven. Every level of deceit that works, is a level that must be overcome by refusal to accept it.

Those who pretend this is an America that has ever existed before are lying to themselves. Never has there been so many evils among us. Never has there been so much corruption, so much disregard for laws by those entrusted to enforce them. We are lost, cast upon a sea of troubles.

Our only salvation is in each other, taking strength from those who stand solidly and refuse to be dominated and incorporating that strength into our own resistance. You must refuse, no matter what it costs, because the ultimate cost is not only to you, but to your children, if indeed children will be possible in the future. Consider that for the evil that it is. Those alive today might be the last generation to survive the sterilization, the poison injections, the blood clots, the sex trafficking to arrive at adulthood.

The irrational excuses for taking the vaxx are so the victim can enjoy life, take a vacation, go to work, etc. Really? And when the vaxx kills you, clogs your heart with white, fibrous material, stopping the blood in the arteries, what then will be the reason for compliance other than compliance itself? This is the danger of doing as one is told rather than considering what has been told and then investigating the pros and cons of it and coming to a rational decision. If certain death is already on one side of the ledger, the rest need not be so vigorously investigated. The answer is no.

Next up will be the economic crisis where everyone discovers that the money promised to them in their bank accounts is not really theirs, hasn’t been theirs since they opened the bank account, when they gave it to the bank and then was allowed to pull it back out on certain conditions.

Soon, those conditions will no longer exist and when the bank decides it’s time for a bail-in rather than a bail-out, they’ll just take it. It will disappear from the account. Now, if that inspires one to act out in a violent way, there’ll be plenty of cops there to ensure that one does not.

When you talk about criminals, the worst sort are the kind that have police protection. At what point, then do the cops themselves become the criminals? That’s a question they should be asking themselves right now, as individuals, as Americans, as parents.

The only thing that will stop any of this, throw sand in the gears of the New World Order, is to band together and refuse to comply. Do not accept a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) unless you want that threat of a bail-in every time you get a paycheck.

There will come a time when everyone in America has to stop working until they are presented with an acceptable means of compensation. I suggest that CBDC’s are not acceptable, that they should have left the banking system alone, because after they take everything in the checking account one time, the only acceptable means of compensation should be cash, silver or gold.

If we fail that test, too, we will be enslaved by a digital currency able to be withheld at any moment, for any reason and whatever work one has done over the past week or month, will be for nothing. How long will you work, if your compensation is constantly threatened? Not one minute, if you understand the issues being presented.

I have suggested in the past the idea of an Autonomous County, one where the fundamental rights of the individual are secured, where laws and dictates from the WHO and the UN are ignored and repudiated.

To that end, I’ve written up a justification for and explanation of an Autonomous County for those who have requested more information. It’s one tactic that can help individuals band together on a smaller scale, test out the resistance and consolidate influence over the state. At worst, it allows those red counties in blue states the structure by which to entertain the Greater Idaho method of resistance to irrational and largely insane dictates of the high population centers (the true evil of democracy).

We’re on our own, so we better start figuring out how to work together against the massive forces arrayed against us. We have the tools in the fact that they have to commit crimes and act unconstitutionally in order to pursue their agenda, we just need to mark out our territory, find ways to hold them accountable and pursue charges of treason whenever and however we can. There are a lot of good ideas out there, but we need to pick one and start using it. Unless, we’re just going to wait for the nuclear war to do the work for us, but that mentality has gotten us here.

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