Versatility Defined

One of the many attributes of the .357 Magnum is versatility. In my younger years when I was 10-foot-tall and damn near bullet-proof, I shot .44 Magnums for most revolver pursuits. Now, I’ve reached the point in life where I find pleasure in less recoil so Karen and I have been shooting a lot of 38 Specials. Both of these guns are extremely pleasant to shoot. When you want to up your game, there is a plethora of .357 Magnum ammo available.

There are so many options when it comes to bullets for .38 caliber. I’ve been loading Nosler, Hornady, and Sierra 158-gr. bullets for the most part. Cast bullets abound too. Powder choices are also widespread and I generally use Longshot, Unique, 2400, and 231 for plinking loads. H 110 gets the call for magnum rounds. You can tailor your loads for any application from small game hunting, competition shooting, banging steel targets, or handgun hunting.

There are hordes of holsters available for the 686 depending on barrel length and carrying preference. Since I’m packing the longer barrels in the field, I lean toward Simply Rugged, Barranti Leather, Pistol Packaging, or Diamond D Custom Leather rigs.

My next purchase will be a 686 Plus with a 3″ barrel, a seven-shot model. Karen has a slight aversion for semi-autos as she has issues with racking the slide. The shorty 686 will be an ideal home protection piece for either of us.