Some REALLY bad advice about Bears!

Had a ranger in Colorado tell me how to identify bear scat. Black bear looks much like dog do, just bigger and darker with seeds. Grizzly scat is even bigger but smells like pepper spray with pieces of teeth and whistles in it.

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Several of works facilities are in bear country. One has so many black bears they had to fence the olace to keep them out. There is a big old one that is salt and pepper that hangs out in fall on the cut line north of the fence because there is a berry patch.

A female that hangs out south of the plant and almost always has cubs with her. She dug a den into a hill that covers a steam line and cuddles up to the pipe to stay warm in the winter.she is a cinamon colored one. There used to be an albino one in the area but word got out and every 1st nations hunter was blasting away for a month till someone got him. We are in a no hunting zone… but 1st nations get to ignore those rules.

Our other facility is not near the others and has grizzlies…. That plant is up on a hill and you see them walking the cut line at the bottom of the hill. Once I came out of an equipment building on a pad and there was a grizzly about 10feet from me , between me and my truck. He stood up and pissed towards me, so i back into the building, closed the door and waited for him to leave.

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