Just Walked In

Working retail part-time at a local gun store, we regularly take used guns in for consignment. Most are outdated models as customers look to replace their self-defense and competition guns, while others are simply trying to make some side cash off unwanted guns they no longer shoot, but, once in a blue moon, a gun crosses our counter that makes everyone stop and take a closer look.

This past week, as I clocked into work, a glossy brown case with gold locks set aside on the counter caught my eye. Like a kid drawn to presents under a Christmas tree, I immediately opened the case to find a large-frame revolver on a bed of red velvet. A closer look revealed it was a .41 Magnum 8” Smith & Wesson Model 57 in pretty good condition. “Oohs” and “aahs” followed as I wiped the drool from my mouth and grasped the large combat grips in my hand and looked down the long, blued barrel to the red ramped front sight. The last finger groove fell right where I’d prefer to place my last digit, but the pistol felt well-balanced in my hand.

Having handled thousands of guns, there’s always something special about picking up an older firearm — especially revolvers. Originally produced between 1964 and the year prior to my birth (1991), it may not have the same mass appeal it once did but remains a classic for those who recognize its history and simplistic beauty. A revolver for a true wheelgunner, I hope whoever takes it home adds to its 30-plus years of Wheelgun Diaries, and I selfishly hope to be the one who gets to give it away.

Joe Kriz