From the streets of Detroit to the woods of the Upper Peninsula, it may seem as if residents in Michigan can’t agree on much. But a new statewide survey shows that a majority of citizens are in favor of more stringent gun control.

When you ask Michigan residents if they support strong gun control laws, you would assume that Up North a majority would oppose it. As it turns out, you would be wrong.

Across the entire state, 66% of all citizens back tougher gun control. Included in that is 50% of Up North residents.

In the Metro Detroit tri-county area, 73% of all those surveyed support stricter controls while central Michigan – including Lansing – is around 54%.

EPIC-MRA Pollster Bernie Porn conducted the poll and made sure to sample gun owners in the survey.

“To include gun owners which represent 53% having one or more gun owners in the household. Concealed Pistol License holders represent 29% and also NRA members – which represents 14%,” Porn said.

It appears that after years of school shootings like at Oxford High School, an impact is registering with citizens. Porn makes this poignant point.

“Several of the proposals that are supported by all those groups would have prevented or could have prevented the Oxford shooting,” Porn said.

A majority of Michigan voters support a ban on assault weapons, a limit on the size of gun magazines, a ban on guns in schools, and 90% in the EPIC-MRA survey want stronger background checks before gun buyers get a weapon.

The GOP legislature, with strong support from the NRA has resisted these controls. In light of this data, will that change?

“That should suggest that no legislator – Republican or Democrat – unless they are pretty much well-owned by the NRA, should vote for these gun safety laws,” Porn said.

Only time will tell if that happens with the Republican-led legislature.

With somebody that knows what they are doing. You can get almost anybody to agree on almost anything. Grumpy