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Once Americans Lose the Right To Bear Arms, They Will Never Regain It by Roger Katz


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New York – -( The U.S. is the only truly free Constitutional Republic in existence. That is how the framers of the U.S. Constitution designed our Government.

Our Federal Government is the only one on Earth that exists solely to serve the interests of the American people. It has no other purpose. The Federal Government is answerable to and subordinate to the people. The American people are supreme sovereign over the Government. Once the people’s servants fail to recognize and acknowledge these aforesaid facts and then forsake the interests of the people, the Government has descended into Tyranny.

The American people have no lawful duty to suffer Tyranny.

The Nation was founded on one singular precept, set forth in the Declaration of Independence. It is that our people are a free people and are ever to remain so, and as sole sovereign over their Government and each to him or herself, masters of their own fate, and the final arbiters and deciders of the Nation’s destiny.

How Do Americans Exert Their Sovereignty Over A Government That Has Raised The Specter Of Tyranny?

That the American people are lord and master over the Government, this is to be understood as resting not only in the limited and demarcated powers of Government but, more fundamentally, in the unalienable, illimitable, eternal, and unalterable natural law rights bestowed on man, not by Government or by other men, but by the Divine Creator, and thereupon codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights is an integral and essential part of the U.S. Constitution.

By voicing dissent against the encroachment of Tyranny, and through the firearms they bear to thwart its inception and to prevent its entrenchment, the American people have the means not only to stave off Tyranny but both the right and the duty to do so, else they merit the Tyranny they allow to exist by their active or passive failure to resist it.

None of this can be reasonably doubted. Yet, somehow, somewhere through the passing years, decades, and centuries, these paramount truisms became eroded, and, for many citizens, they became lost to memory.

The forces that crush entire populations and nations, utilizing, in recent years, advances in both psychological conditioning and communication technology, have induced veritable amnesia in the masses of all countries, dulling their mental acuity and deadening their will and spirit. This has done much to dampen the resolve of populations of much of the European Union as well as of the populations of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

And the same insidious weakness has now infected the American psyche, brought about by similar, incessant brainwashing programs, introduced into our Country by the same forces that have crushed western Europe and the British Commonwealth Nations. And they have thence directed their toxins against Americans, lessening their resolve, fostering self-doubt, confusion, and outright fear of the very Government that was created to serve them.

This Federal Government has betrayed the American people; misused the powers entrusted to it—has turned those powers upon the American people. It has unlawfully brought those powers to bear on its own masters. In so doing the Government has usurped authority that rests not in Government and never did—authority that rests solely in the American people, and always has.

Through their many agents, the forces that crush people and nations have gained ascendancy in Government here and have bent much of the private sector to their will. In the process, they have gained substantial control over the thoughts and conduct of a broad swath of Americans.

Many Americans have become compliant, empty vessels, unable to escape from the incessant drone of hypnotic messaging, emanating throughout the Country. The messaging has infected all communication resources: smartphones, airwaves, and reading material—insinuating itself firmly into the minds of Americans, seeping poison into one’s reasoning faculties and into the darkest recesses of one’s emotions, where rests one’s fears and feelings of hopelessness.

Wherever they may be, the American public has become an oft unwilling, captive audience to the constant dissemination of noxious propaganda.

Yet many Americans have resisted indoctrination. Through inner strength of will, they are either immune to or have become inured to this indoctrination. They have effectively walled off the horrific effects of mass psychological indoctrination that have plagued so many others.

Something For Americans To Ponder When They Go To The Polls In November

As the Midterm elections loom, the Obstructors and Destructors of our Nation have shown no disinclination of easing up on their agenda to corral and control the thoughts and conduct of the American people. On the contrary, they are “doubling down” their efforts.

They intend to bring to fruition a global neo-feudalist State. To accomplish that feat requires them to maintain, as a necessary condition, firm control of Congress and the Executive Branch of Government.

How did we Americans get to this place where our foes have taken over control of our government, of our press, of social media, and of wealthy, powerful corporate and financial conglomerates?

The slow ossification of the thinking processes of Americans and the slow erosion of Americans’ natural law rights and liberties took time—commencing one hundred years ago—perhaps earlier. But it has rapidly moved ahead only since the turn of the 21st Century, made possible through major advances in communication and the consolidation and control over much of the Federal Government and our Nation’s myriad institutions.

In their discourse, the Destroyers of our Nation and their toadies endlessly go on about “Democracy,” but rarely do they mention the words, ‘freedom,’ ‘constitution’ and ‘republic.’ And they never mention the phrase ‘Free Constitutional Republic” in one breath.

That phrase—‘Free Constitutional Republic’—is an apt descriptor of our form of Government, and our Free Constitutional Republic has served us well since its founding. Because of it, we have become, in the space of fewer than two hundred years, the most powerful, successful, and wealthiest Nation on Earth—the envy of all other nations, where previous generations came legally to live the “American dream.”

But the forces that crush people and nations are many, and they are powerful, wealthy, and ruthless. They are jealous of both the power of our Country, the resilience of its people, the strength of our natural law rights, and our belief in the Divine Creator—ultimate sovereign over people and government. These forces intend to rend us from these beliefs and crush us.

These wreckers of our Nation intend to plunder our Nation’s mineral resources and, in the interim, make those resources unavailable to the American people. Have you seen the price of gas? And as they have taken control over the Federal Government’s military, police, intelligence, and judicial apparatuses, they have turned those engines of Government against the American people, as Americans are now beginning to learn.

And what these wreckers of our Nation find either unsuitable to or antithetical to their needs, wants, and objectives, they have marked them as Detritus and have consigned those items—both tangible and intangible—to the Trash Heap.

And we all know what those items are:

  • The Nation’s Constitution;
  • The Idea and Fact of the Sovereignty of the American People over Government
  • The Nation’s Natural Law Rights, Codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights;
  • The Dismantling of the Nation’s Institutions, History, Heritage, and Culture;
  • The Destruction of the Nation’s Emblems and Symbols, and Arts and Artifacts;
  • The Erasing of the Nation’s Ethos, Ethics, and Christian Morality;
  • The Erosion of the Importance of the Family in American Society;
  • Transitioning Americans away from Reliance on Self to Dependency on Government;
  • Promoting the Precepts of Collectivism; Denigrating the Precepts of Individualism;
  • Infusing Americans with a Conformist Mindset;
  • Acclimating Americans to Conditions of Poverty and Minimal Expectations; and
  • Dissolution of Concepts such as ‘Nation-State,’ ‘Citizen,’ and ‘Patriotism.’

Our Republic is hanging on by a thread. Strength of Will and Dint of Arms is what we have left. May we hold fast to both in these trying, dangerous times!

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Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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