Born again Cynic! Cops

And I guess that I am suppose to be shocked by all of this?



Won’t you look at that.  He has previous encounters with law enforcement for violent threats, but those were not sufficiently dealt with so the shooter was able to pass a background check, buy a rifle and shoot up Stoneman Douglas High School Robb Elementary School an Independence Day parade.

Illinois already has a red flag law.

I guess nobody thought to invoke it.

The suicide attempt is the real shocker.  I’m surprised that didn’t get him an involuntary commitment that would make him a prohibited person.

Or maybe Illinois didn’t inform NICS like what happened with Sutherland Springs.

I’d put even money on someone having said something to the FBI about him too, and that being ignored.

I guess the big takeaway is that the purpose of red flag laws is to be a political weapon because they certainly don’t stop crazy people who get the cops called on them from getting guns.

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