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North Carolina Robbery Suspect Caught with Loaded Gun Inside ‘Body Cavity’ by S.H. BLANNELBERRY

Turkise Petway hid a loaded revolver in a “body cavity” near his “groin.” (Photo: Nash County Sheriff’s Office)

A North Carolina man arrested on robbery charges will now face additional charges after authorities found a firearm hidden inside a “body cavity.”

The suspect, identified as Turkise Petway, was being processed at the Nash County Detention Center on April 29 when guards there made him pass through a Tek-84 body scanner.

Given the scanner’s ability to detect contraband hidden on one’s person — and inside one’s person — it took only a matter of seconds for detention officers to discover the armed revolver “hidden” near Petway’s “groin area.”

An example of the scanner used.

Immediately, and, presumably carefully, Nash County detention officers retrieved the deeply concealed wheel gun and handed it over to officers from the Rocky Mount Police Department, who had made the initial arrest.

“Although it is unknown what the suspect’s motives may have been had the weapon not been discovered, this incident could have easily ended badly for detention officers or current inmates,” Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone told WITN News.

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Petway was originally facing charges for conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and aiding and abetting armed robbery, according to local news affiliate Fox46.

He will now also face charges for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a weapon by a prisoner.

The Tek-84 body scanner used to discover the gun was purchased last year with COVID relief funds for $150,000.

In light of recent events, it seems like money well spent.

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