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Hilarious Homemade Firearm Confiscated from Meth Head in Iowa (VIDEO) by JORDAN MICHAELS

Photo: Meskwaki Nation Police Department – Iowa

The Meskwaki Nation Police Department in Iowa confiscated this week a homemade firearm dubbed the “Smith and Meth-Son.” The hilariously awkward contraption was apparently created by a felon with a history of firearm, meth, and cocaine violations.

The Meskwaki Police haven’t released any additional details about the case, but they posted a video and several images to their Facebook page.

“We want to inform you of a public safety and law enforcement matter that came to our attention today. The possessor of this firearm was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms and was previously convicted for possessing firearms. He possessed meth and was previously convicted for distributing cocaine,” the department wrote.


It appears that the gun had already blown up by the time law enforcement got their hands on it. Two cartridges, one of which appears to be stamped “.410,” are loaded in the double barrels, but one of them is missing a primer. The other appears to have been marred by the drill bit used as a striker.

There doesn’t appear to be any kind of breach or locking mechanism to keep the cartridges from blowing up the rear of the case. Instead, based on the photos, it looks like the inventor (who is a meth head) designed a shroud to rotate down behind the cases and hold them in place.

For operating in dark environments, the user (who, as a quick reminder, is a meth head) affixed a silver flashlight underneath the two barrels.

Photo: Meskwaki Nation Police Department – Iowa

“Although our officers have dubbed this creation the ‘Smith and Meth-Son,’ this is no laughing matter,” the Meskwaki PD said on Facebook.

It is a laughing matter, but as Michael Ware explains for the Iowa Firearms Coalition, the Smith and Meth-Son also demonstrates that bad guys will find a way to get their hands on firearms.

“If a bad guy wants to do harm, he’ll do it,” Ware writes.

Why, oh why, do we consistently grind all the good guys into the dirt with layer upon layer of useless law, regulation, ordinance, and rule when only WE follow the laws?  If you’re a felon prohibited from firearm ownership, and you’re this determined to get your hands on a firearm, we can all agree the law is worthless to them. So why strip you and me of our rights when this is the truth of the matter?


In other words, President Joe Biden’s recent attempts to clamp down on so-called “ghost guns” are doomed to fail. Law-abiding Americans will no longer be able to purchase 80-percent receiver kits, but that won’t stop felons (and, of course, meth heads) from crafting their own homemade firearms.

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