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List of equipment of the United States Army during World War II

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The following is a list of equipment of the United States during World War II which includes artilleryvehicles and vesselsWorld War II was a global war that was under way by 1939 and ended in 1945. Following the Japanese attack on 7 December 1941, which led to the United States actively supporting the Allied war effort.

Knives and bayonets[edit]

Knives and bayonets
Name Image Type Origin Notes
M1905 bayonet Great-War-US-Military-Bayonets.jpg Bayonet  United States
M1917 bayonet Vietnam-War-US-Military-Bayonets (cropped).jpg Bayonet  United States
Mark 1 trench knife M1918 Trench Knife.jpg Knife  United States
M3 fighting knife M3 knife.jpg Knife  United States
Ka-Bar Ka-bar USMC Combat Knife (4970059898).jpg Knife  United States
V-42 stiletto V-42 Stiletto.jpg Dagger  United States
United States Marine Raider stiletto Marine raider stiletto.jpg Dagger  United States
Bolo knife 2011-11-1 Bolo Knife (5375014869).jpg Knife  Philippines Used by units in the Philippines.

Small arms[edit]

Revolvers and pistols[edit]

Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Colt 1903 right side.jpg .32 ACP Semi-automatic pistol  United States
Colt M1911A1 M1911a1.jpg .45 ACP Semi-automatic pistol  United States still used today
M1917 revolver Smith-et-Wesson-1917-p1030108.jpg .45 ACP Revolver  United States
Colt Official Police Colt Official Police 32-20 1927.png Multiple Revolver  United States
FP-45 Liberator FP-45 Liberator.jpg .45 ACP Single shot Pistol  United States Dropped into occupied territories for use by insurgency.
Smith & Wesson Model 10 M&Prevolver.jpg .38 S&W Revolver  United States

Submachine guns[edit]

Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
Thompson submachine gun Submachine gun M1928 Thompson.jpg .45 ACP Submachine gun  United States
M3 submachine gun M3 submachine gun.jpg .45 ACP Submachine gun  United States
M50 Reising submachine gun Model-50.jpg .45 ACP/.22 LR Submachine gun  United States
United Defense M42 United Defence M42.jpg 9x19mm Parabellum.45 ACP (prototype model only) Submachine gun  United States .45 ACP was used only in prototype model


Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
M1903 Springfield M1903 Springfield - USA - 30-06 - Armémuseum.jpg .30-06 Springfield Bolt action Sniper rifle  United States
M1 Garand Garand.jpg .30-06 Springfield Semi-automatic rifle  United States
M1917 Enfield M1917 Enfield - USA - 30-06 - Armémuseum.jpg .30-06 Springfield Bolt action  United States
M1941 Johnson rifle Johnson M1941 Rifle.JPG .30-06 Springfield Semi-automatic rifle  United States
M1 carbine M1 Carbine tri army.jpg .30 Carbine Carbine  United States
Winchester Model 70 Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 2.jpg Various Rifle  United States


Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
Winchester Model 1897 Winchester 1897.jpg Gauge (firearms) Shotgun  United States
Winchester Model 1912 Winchester Model 1912.JPG Gauge (firearms) Shotgun  United States
Browning Auto-5 Browning auto 5 catalog.png Gauge (firearms) Semi-automatic shotgun  United States
Winchester Model 21 No image Gauge (firearms)/.410 bore Shotgun  United States .410 bore was used only in deluxe models.
Remington Model 31 No image Gauge (firearms) Shotgun  United States
Stevens Model 520/620 Stevens 520 1935-37.JPG Gauge (firearms) Shotgun  United States
Ithaca 37 Ithaca 37.jpg Gauge (firearms) Shotgun  United States


Grenades and grenade launchers
Name Image Type Origin Details
Mk 2 grenade MK2 grenade DoD.jpg Grenade  United States
M7 grenade launcher M1Garand muzzle grenade.jpg Grenade launcher  United States Fired smokefragmentation, and anti-armor grenades.

Recoilless rifles[edit]

Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
M18 recoilless rifle M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle pic1.JPG 57×303mmR Recoilless rifle  United States Was not developed until the final stages of the war, in 1945.
M20 recoilless rifle M20 75 mm recoilless rifle korean war.jpg 75 x 408 mm R HE, HEAT, Smoke Recoilless rifle  United States Was not developed until the final stages of the war, in 1944.


Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
M1A1 flamethrower M1A1 flamethrower fired at bunker.png Flamethrower  United States
M2 flamethrower USm2flamethrower.jpg Flamethrower  United States
Ronson flamethrower Ronson flame tank Iwo Jima.jpg Vehicle mounted flamethrower  United Kingdom Developed in the United Kingdom, however, was used exclusively by the United States and Canada.

Obstacle-clearing explosive charges[edit]

Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
M1A1 Bangalore torpedo Bangalore torpedo.jpg TNTC4 Explosive charge  United States

Machine guns[edit]

Model Image Cartridge Type Origin Details
Infantry and dual-purpose machine guns
Lewis gun Lewis Gun (derivated).jpg .30-06 Springfield Light machine gun  United Kingdom United States
M1917 Browning machine gun Hackenberg - browning M1917.JPG .30-06 Springfield Heavy machine gun  United States
M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle Browning ar001.jpg Various Various  United States Was used as an: Automatic rifleMachine gunAssault rifle, and Squad automatic weapon.
M1919 Browning machine gun Browning-M1919-machine-gun-batey-haosef-2.jpg Various Medium machine gun  United States
M1941 Johnson machine gun Machine gun M1941 Johnson 1.jpg .30-06 Springfield Light machine gun  United States
Browning M2HB (.50 BMG) M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée (cropped).jpg .50 BMG Heavy machine gun  United States
Bren light machine gun Bren wog.jpg .303 British Light Machine Gun  United Kingdom
.30 AN/M2 “Stinger” field modification No image 7.62 mm caliber Machine gun  United States Used by the USMC Only
Vehicle and aircraft machine guns and autocannons
M4 cannon M4 cannon drawing.jpg 37x145mmR M4 autocannon  United States
M2 cannon TCM-20-hatzerim-2.jpg 20 mm caliber autocannon  United States
50 caliber machine gun (Browning M2) M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée (cropped).jpg .50 BMG Heavy machine gun  United States


Model Image Caliber Type Origin Details
Infantry mortars
M1 mortar 81 mm Mortar M1.jpg 81 mm (3.2 in) Mortar  United States
M2 4.2 inch mortar Mortar-korea-19520505.jpg 107 mm (4.2 in) Mortar  United States
M2 mortar M2-Mortar.jpg 60 mm (2.36 in) Mortar  United States
Rocket artillery
T34 Calliope T-34-rocket-launcher-France.jpg 114 mm/183 mm4.5 in/7.2 in Rocket artillery  United States
T40 Whizbang 7.2-inch Multiple Rocket Launcher M17 Mounted on Medium Tank.png 180 mm (7.2 in) Rocket artillery  United States
Field artillery
75 mm Gun M2/M3/M6 75 mm model 1917 Hanko 2.JPG 75 mm (2.95 in) Field gun  United States Copy of British weapon.
QF 2.95-inch Mountain Gun QF2.95inchMountainGun.jpg 75 mm (2.95 in) Mountain gun  United Kingdom Used in the Philippines.
M116 howitzer M116 75 mm Pack Howitzer M1, CFB Gagetown, NB (2).JPG 75 mm (2.95 in) Pack howitzer  United States
M101 howitzer M101 Howitzer Front View.jpg 105 mm (4.1 in) Howitzer  United States
M3 howitzer M3 105mm howitzer kalemegdan.jpg 105 mm (4.1 in) Light howitzer  United States
Canon de 155mm GPF Militaire-Canon de 155 court lle Rimailho-1907.JPG 155 mm (6.10 in) Field gun/Coastal artillery  France
M114 155 mm howitzer M114 155 mm Howitzer, Minto, NB (3).JPG 155 mm (6.1 in) Howitzer  United States
155 mm Long Tom 155mm-Long-Tom-england.jpg 155 mm (6.1 in) Towed field artillery  United States 4.5-inch Gun M1 was a variant to fire British ammunition.
M115 howitzer M115 203mm Howitzer Display in ORDC 20121013c.jpg 203 mm (8.0 in) Howitzer  United States
8-inch Gun M1 8CanLeft.jpg 203 mm (8.0 in) Heavy gun  United States
240 mm howitzer M1 240mm howitzer.jpg 240 mm (9.4 in) Howitzer  United States
Fortress and siege guns
5-inch/51-caliber gun TulaneU9Nov07FreretCannon.jpg 127 mm (5 in) Various  United States Was primarily used as a naval gun, however, also saw use as coastal defence and fortification
8-inch gun M1888 8-inch M1888 Plant Museum University of Tampa.jpg 203 mm (8 in) Coastal defence and fortification  United States Saw little service in the war, was primarily used in WW1.
8-inch Mk. VI railway gun 8 inch MK. VI.jpg 203 mm (8 in) Railway gun  United States Was a variation of the 8-inch M1888.
M1918 240 mm howitzer 240mm-howitzer-FAJ19220708.jpg 240 mm (9.5 in) Howitzer  United States
12-inch coast defense mortar Battery Way.jpg 305 mm (12 in) Coastal artillery  United States Also used as a railway gun.
12-inch gun M1895 12-inch-M1897-Firing.jpg 305 mm (12 in) Coastal artillery  United States
14-inch M1920 railway gun 14in-railway-gun-M1920-CAJ192211.jpg 355.6 mm (14 in) Railway gun  United States
16-inch/50-caliber M1919 gun FortDuvallM191901.jpg 405 mm (16 in) Coastal artillery  United States
Anti-tank guns
37 mm gun M3 37-mm-at-gun-fort-benning-3.jpg 37 mm (1.45 in) Anti-tank gun  United States
Ordnance QF 6-pounder Ordnance QF 6 pounder.JPG 57 mm (2.24 in) Anti-tank gun  United Kingdom
3-inch gun M5 Three Inch M-5 Gun.jpg 76.2 mm (3 in) Anti-tank gun  United States

Anti-tank weapons (besides anti-tank gun)[edit]


Vehicles (armored and non-armored, tracked and wheeled, amphibious, etc.)
Name Image Type Origin Notes
M1 Combat Car M1 Combat Car.jpg Light tank  United States
M2 light tank M2A4 07.JPG Light tank  United States
M2 Medium Tank M2 Medium.Aberdeen.00081tph.jpg Medium tank  United States
M3 Stuart M3 serial 1.JPG Light tank  United States
M5 Stuart M5 Stuart.jpg Light tank  United States Upgraded version of the M3 Stuart
M3 Lee AlfredPalmerM3tank1942b.jpg Medium tank  United States
M4 Sherman M4 Sherman Utah Beach.jpg Medium tank  United States Most widely used tank by the Allies of World War II.
M22 Locust M22 Locust (23567843411).jpg Airborne light tank  United States
M26 Pershing M26 'Pershing' tank (2003) - panoramio.jpg Heavy/medium tank  United States
M6 heavy tank Heavy-tank-OWI-4.jpg Heavy tank  United States
T29 Heavy Tank T29.Fort Knox.0007x8yr.jpg Heavy tank  United States
T30 Heavy Tank T30 Heavy Tank.JPG Heavy tank  United States
Marmon-Herrington CTLS IWM-E-6820-Marmon-Herrington-19411028.jpg Light tank  United States Primarily used as an export to the Dutch.
M24 Chaffee M24 chaffee side.jpg Light tank  United States
Self-propelled guns
M7 Priest M7 Priest at APG.jpg Self-propelled artillery  United States
M10 tank destroyer M10 1943.jpg Tank destroyer  United States
M12 Gun Motor Carriage 155 Gun Motor Carriage M12.png Self-propelled gun  United States
Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 Self-propelled howitzer M8.jpg Self-propelled artillery  United States
T28 Super Heavy Tank T28 Super Heavy Tank.jpg Tank destroyer  United States Only a couple prototypes built. Never used in war.
M18 Hellcat M18 hellcat side.jpg Tank destroyer  United States
M36 tank destroyer SC198612.jpg Tank destroyer  United States
M40 Gun Motor Carriage 155mm Gun Motor Carriage M40 1.JPG Self-propelled artillery  United States
T40/M9 Tank destroyer 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage M9.png Tank destroyer  United States
M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M41 2.JPG Self-propelled artillery  United States
M43 Howitzer Motor Carriage TM-9-335-8in-HMC-M43-1.jpg Self-propelled artillery  United States
Armored Cars
M2 half-track car M2 Halftrack.jpg Reconnaissance vehicle  United States
M3 Scout Car Scout-car-fort-riley-3.jpg Armored car (military)  United States
M8 Greyhound M8-Greyhound-Haugh-3.jpg Armored car (military)  United States Had a turret-less variant that was named M20.
M38 Wolfhound Chevrolet M38 Wolfhound Armored Car.jpg Armored car (military)  United States
M29 Weasel M29 Weasel 3.jpg Tracked vehicle  United States
S1 Scout Car Pattons-M3A1-scout-car-1.jpg Armored car (military)  Australia
T17 (armored car) T17-armored-car.jpg Armored car (military)  United States
Armored carriers
M3 half-track Arkansas Air & Military Museum May 2017 54 (M3 Half-track).jpg Armoured personnel carrier  United States
Universal Carrier Universal Carrier in Kubinka.jpg Armoured personnel carrier  United Kingdom
Dodge WC series DodgeWC-59 telephone truck.jpg Truck  United States
Willys MB Willys MB (Bild 1 2008-06-14), Baujahr 1944 c.JPG Truck  United States
Harley-Davidson WLA WLA3quarters.JPG Motorcycle  United States
M4 Tractor M4-artillery-tractor-batey-haosef-3.jpg Artillery tractor  United States
M5 Tractor M5 tractor RMM.jpg Artillery tractor  United States
Aquatic vessels
Landing Vehicle Tracked Landing on Emirau AWM305252.jpeg Landing craft  United States
DUKW DUKW 4.jpg Amphibious vehicle  United States
LCVP (United States) Darke APA-159 - LCVP 18.jpg Landing craft  United States
Ford GPA Ford GPA (1).jpg Amphibious vehicle  United States
DD Tank DD-Tank.jpg Amphibious tank  United States Upgraded version of the M4 Sherman
Landing craft tank IWM-H-19057-Crusader-landing-19420426.jpg Landing craft  United States Used to transport Tank.
Landing Craft Infantry Invasion Training in England 02.jpg Landing craft  United States Used to transport Infantry


United States Coast Guard[edit]


United States Navy[edit]

United States Marine Corps[edit]


United States Army Air Forces[edit]

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