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A Colt Lightning Magazine Rifle CLMR Small Frame .22 Cal Pump Action circa 1901

I don’t know about you my Honorable readers of my humble blog. All two of you that is. But I just do not understand these rifles made by Colt. In that they look very fragile and cheaply made to these tired old eyes of mine.
Now do not get me wrong about this. Seeing that I have either owned or used other folks Colt pistols. Of which almost all of them have performed extremely well. But if I had my druthers about the subject. I would rather have a Winchester or a Marlin rifle of that period than this sad puppy.
In closing, I think that Colt was very wise to have entered into that Fabled Gentleman’s Agreement with Winchester. So that they could pour their energies into the productions of some mighty fine sidearms. Like the Colt SA and others like the New Service, Police Positive etc. etc. etc. Grumpy

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