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Your odd news for the day. Hunter shoots man in the abdominal region after mistaking him for a coyote.

The news often has some bizarre stories. This story is will leave many scratching their heads.
Of course, hunting accidents happen all the time, but don’t hear about one like this too often. A coyote hunter in New York has just been charged with second degree assault for what he says was an accidental shooting of another man while hunting coyotes.
Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies said Brett Blackburn, 42, and his son were on their property in the Town of Sweden hunting for coyotes around 6:30 p.m. when they saw movement in a field.
Blackburn reported to police that he saw movement in the field and shined a light in the direction of the object. He then observed what he thought was the eyes of a coyote.

“According to deputies, Blackburn fired his rifle and then heard someone yell. He assisted the victim, 32-year-old Robert Williams, who was shot in the abdomen. Blackburn’s son called 911,” (News10NBC) reported.
From all the reports it is believed that Blackburn and Williams had no connections nor did the know each other which leads people to believe it was an accident. Sources think that Williams was actually shed hunting and stumbled into the wrong area at the wrong time.
Warning to all you shed hunters!
Williams was removed from the field by ATV by local deputies. Sustaining life threaten ting injuries, Williams was then transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for treatment. (News10NBC) reported that Williams’ sister said her brother  is out of surgery and that he lost his left kidney and spleen and that he is currently in a medically induced coma. She also added doctors said he should be OK.
Williams should consider himself a lucky man. Although investigators will continue to look into the case, we might enver know what really went on. Without further details we cannot speculate, but wow, what a story.
Brett Blackburn was charged with second degree assault as we stated earlier and arraigned in Sweden Town Court. His bail was set at $1,500 cash/$5,000 bond. The preliminary hearing will take place February 24.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 24 and maybe more news will be brought to the public after that.
Take notes. Be careful where you shed hunt and make sure you know for sure what your target is before shooting.
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