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A 1917 Enfield Custom Gunsmithing job!

A M1917 Receiver I did a few years back. I put a solid rail on this one to do something different. Still waiting for a barrel. This was a cut up M1917 Enfield that I reworked and made some of my own modifications to.
Most of the receiver has been trimmed down to cut as much weight as possible where not needed. Also A Timney trigger was added along with a Cock on Open conversion.
The front of the receiver ring has been squared off in a lathe and the bolt lugs have been lapped in place. You cannot square these in a lathe because they have canted lugs and are not square!
The trigger guard has been straightened along with a straightened bolt handle. The finish is a bead blasted and hot caustic blue finish.
You can do very similar conversions to British pattern 1914 receivers too! Very nice action and I can’t wait to get it all put together!

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