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Some well written books about guns and war


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Now a few decades ago God am I getting old!
The Brits put out a series of Book about the wars of the 20th Century. They were at the time very cheap and some of them were absolute gems
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Which were just packed with lots of great photos, diagrams and some way above writing in them.
So on that note here we go on about some of the best of the bunch.
Infantry Weapons by John Weeks
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If you want some very good book about what all the Grunts of WWII had to carry. Then here is what you might like to consider getting. Usually Ebay or Amazon has some for sale at a reasonable price
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The Author Ian Hoggs was a very interesting Man indeed.
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As he was with the Royal Artillery during WWII in the E.T.O. and then did Active service in the Korean war. He also rose to the Highest Enlisted Rank in his Regiment before Retirement. (Master Gunner).
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Which says a lot about him as the Brits were & still are very stringent about promotions for the Enlisted Ranks.
Plus he writes extremely well in very clear concise english that helped explain a lot of things to me.
He has also written several other books about Guns. That I most highly recommend them to you.

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Like this one. The Military Small Arms of the 20th Century  that is really worth looking at.
He was also editor of Jane’s Infantry Weapons from 1972 to 1994. Hogg was also a frequent guest on the History Channel‘s Tales of the Gun and a contributor to the A&E channel’s 1996 series The Story of the Gun
As the Old Boy could really write and write well.
He also can be seen on YOUTube once in awhile also.

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