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One of the Best overall 9mm Automatic Pistols out there! The SIG Sauer Inc MOD. P226

Now If you have been kind enough to have been reading my humble blog for any time at all. You most probably know that I am a big fan of the Sig-Sauer Automatics.
Having started out with one almost 20 years ago. The P-220 in the excellent caliber of 45 ACP with its incredible accuracy (at least for me).
But just in case, Sports fan if you have just come across my pitiful efforts with the Queen’s English & my love of things that go Boom!
Here is why I like them so!

  1. They have a solid reputation with Folks that I have a lot of Respect. For example the US Navy SEALS, who like them.Image result for US Navy SEALS
  2. They are extremely well built & are designed for Folks who demand a gun that will never let them down. Image result for US Navy SEALS with sigs
  3. They also have a great & simple sight system that works
  4. They are also extremely easy to field strip and clean.Image result for sigs field striped
  5. They usually come with some pretty rugged magazines. Which usually are the main source of trouble with a Automatic Pistol.Image result for sig sauer magazines 200x200
  6. They are mostly made of high grade steel not plastic. Unlike some other popular brand.
  7. Something to keep in mind if one has run out of ammo & has to continue the fight. (I mean by the last comment is the fine art of pistol whipping.)
  8. My only complaints about these stellar pistols. Is the high price tag that comes with it. Due in part to the war against Gun Ownership here in the People’s Republic of California.Related image Plus the obvious price of labor & material that is involved in making these great fighting man weapons.

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