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Shoppers Step Over Bodies at Hogg-Led Publix Protests


  After having begun the week receiving national attention for being run by people too stupid to know the difference between academic achievement and pornography, Publix Supermarkets Inc. finished it letting everyone know that the company’s corporate stupidity is here to stay:

The Newly Press has more:

 Liberal Democrats who believe in  bullying people and/or corporations into submission ought to feel proud today, ladies and gentlemen, because thanks to the bullying of David Hogg and his peers, one major Florida company has just abdicated its free speech rights. 

  The bullying started this week after Hogg, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Florida three months earlier, began targeting a popular employee-owned supermarket chain that employees over 190,000 Americans.

Publix supermarket chain attracted the 18-year-old gun control zealot’s ire after he learned that it had contributed over half a million dollars to the Florida gubernatorial campaign of Adam Putnam, a Second Amendment advocate and proud NRA member.

  For those who have been busy enjoying life and not reading news about David Hogg, the kid’s modus operandi (not dirty, Publix, I swear!) is to use his Prized Progressive Puppet status to bully anyone who disagrees with him into silence.

As the progs and Democrats really have nothing else going for them at the moment, he’s getting an extension on his fifteen minutes of fame.

While Hogg’s spiteful focus is currently on NRA supporters, the odds are probably pretty good that the kid will be branching out to a variety of other leftist issues before long.

  These thoughts and actions aren’t his own, remember. His handlers are grooming him for bigger things. Look for him to be targeting anyone who opposes taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood any day now.

  There is also a fairly decent chance Hogg will eventually be a violent alcoholic because, instead of getting the trauma counseling he so desperately needed, heartless progressive activists kept shoving him in front of television cameras while he was still in shock.

The real laugher in all of this is that every time Hogg gets a victory with public threats and bullying, he starts blathering about “love”:

“Yay! I just threatened to destroy people and it worked again! Also: love or something.”

You know what I love? This picture from Hogg’s “die-in”:

“Oh, you’re having a die-in? Well, I’m having a walk-over. It’s a holiday weekend and I’m making fruit salad for the barbecue.”

Not every hero wears a cape.

Publix managed a couple of perverse publicity bookends for the week. They dishonored a kid who quietly achieved highest academic honors, then honored a kid who publicly complained about not being accepted at any of the universities he wanted to go to.

“Florida Man” has now become “Florida Company.”

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