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If Firearms Owners Were Honest on Social Media By Beth Alcazar

Social media can be like a double-edged sword. While most of us enjoy it because we can stay connected with friends and family and keep up to date with businesses and organizations that we like, many of us also loathe it because of all the hateful and disrespectful posts, messages and images. I guess you have to take the good with the bad, or you could just leave it altogether.
All I know is that in order to not get overwhelmed with the social-media insanity, it’s good to take a break now and then, and it’s helpful to have a good sense of humor. After all, most people post only their highlight reels — all the awesome, fun posts and the perfectly-filtered photos that show life in an almost-too-good-to-be-true fashion.
Undoubtedly, we all like to present the very best versions of ourselves and our lives on social media. But what if we actually shared the not-so-glamorous, real stuff too?
The comic relief that follows is the result of imagining what it would be like if firearms owners posted some of the more honest, brutal and real outtakes. I have started it off. Feel free to comment with your own!
I didn’t have a perfect grouping today. So, I posted an old picture of a much better target.
Won my division at a shooting competition today … because I was the only one in it. #FirstPlace
The magazine wasn’t seated in my AR-15. Picked it up to shoot. Nothing happened. Cost me about five extra seconds in the match. #GravityWorks #ClickNotBang
I didn’t clean my gun today after practice. Probably won’t do it tomorrow, either. Will get to it … eventually. #MaintenanceGoals
Added two new pistols to my “Firearms Wish List.” Of course,
I still haven’t even shot the last gun I purchased. #TooManyGunsTooLittleTime
Went to the range with the intent to shoot, but instead talked to four people, ran out of time and left.
Haven’t cleaned out my range bag in months. Where I found $22.83, 13 spent 9mm cases and a melted chocolate-chip granola bar. #TrashAndTreasure
Just before this awesome stance, I accidentally dropped my magazine.
This V-neck shirt is awesome … except for all the hot cases
I’ve been catching in it all day. #HotBrassDance
Posted photos of me doing dry-fire practice today … except I didn’t really do any dry-fire practice. #NoFilter
I keep struggling with stovepipe malfunctions. Probably need to send the gun back to get it fixed. #BlameTheGun #LimpWristingDenial
That awesome video of me hitting the 500-yard gong took only 23 takes! #FirstTry
Had a totally average day today at the range. #Mediocre
It may look like I have my life together, but I definitely do not. #Lame
That tight grouping in the high upper chest was supposed to be in the zombie’s head. #Flinch #Anticipation
I’m at Dairy Queen because I love M&M Blizzards … and because I got disqualified on stage three of the IDPA match. #DQ
Wearing a “Glock Perfection” hat. Shooting an M&P. #Mismatched
Just posted a picture of my kids because I noticed the last 14 photos were of firearms!
Gun people are nuts. I am not an exception. #Honesty

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