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Springfield Rolling with New Saint Short-Barreled Rifles by MAX SLOWIK

The Saint SBR is an improved AR-15-pattern carbine with a lot of slick features. (Photo: Springfield)

Springfield Armory is pleased to introduce two new short-barreled rifles or SBRs. Their latest guns are part of their Saint series of AR-pattern rifles. Meet the Saint SBR and the Saint Edge SBR.
Springfield just recently got into the AR business but the company is making up for lost time fast. The Saint series features everything from quality entry-level rifles to AR pistols and semi-custom guns. Now Springfield is playing the NFA game with two new SBRs.
Short-barreled rifles are regulated under the National Firearm Act or NFA. Springfield believes these guns are worth the additional wait time.
And it’s hard to argue with that. These are well-thought-out rifles with great features and standout accessories.
Both of Springfield’s new Saint SBRs come decked out with Bravo Company pistol grips and collapsible stocks. The BCM grips and stocks are designed to be used with the stocks collapsed or with body armor and remain shootable.
Both guns come with rotation-locked free-floating handguards that end right at the muzzle. They have 11.5-inch barrels which is a sweet spot for SBRs chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO. They come with 30-round Magpul magazines where available.
These rifles come with adjustable low-profile gas blocks. They also have A2-style flash hiders which is a safe option for Springfield.
The A2 flash hider is still one of the best, especially for the price. This also lets users get the gun as-is and upgrade to whatever muzzle device they see fit. Since muzzle device preferences vary wildly for NFA gun owners going with a standard A2 is a good choice.
Additionally, these guns are “optics ready” meaning they don’t come with sights. Like with muzzle devices, sights are a very personal choice and this lets people save a little money up front then buy irons or other optic sight systems in any combination.
The guns feature chromoly vanadium steel or CMV barrels with a Melonite black nitride finish. Both promote barrel life, especially under hard use. The bolt carrier group also has a Melonite finish including the 9310 tool steel bolt.
There are some differences between the two rifles. The Saint SBR is far from a budget gun, but it is a more basic model compared to the Saint Edge SBR. The Saint Edge incorporates a handful of features that most users would expect to find in high-end and semi-custom AR rifles.

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The Edge model is where things go semi-custom with a lot of tweaks and upgrades. (Photo: Springfield)

The “basic” Saint SBR uses military-grade or better components all around, while the Edge sports a number of enhanced components.
The Edge has a skeletonized lower receiver to cut weight. It has an enlarged integral trigger guard as well as a flared magwell. It also has an oversized, ambidextrous selector switch, an improved SOPMOD Bravo stock and an enlarged, enhanced charging handle.
The changes cut 6 ounces from the Edge model. Still, these kinds of changes aren’t for everyone so offering these SBRs in a conventional version makes a lot of sense.
Springfield is doing a good job of offering well above-average rifles with their Saint series and these SBRs are handsome and functional additions. And while Springfield has a Saint pistol already, we’d like to see pistol versions of these SBRs soon.

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