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The Siamese / Thai Mauser

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Now I have seen a few of these over the years at the range. All of them had been recalibrated into a 45-70 mode. I even got to shoot one once. It being totally done over as a type 45 sporter.Inline image 4 It looked a lot like this one by the way.
All things considered. It was not a bad gun to shoot from the bench. As I got the round on the black at 100 yards, which for me is not bad work.
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So if you are into the big and so called “obsolete rounds” like me. Then maybe you should think about it. When you are out gun shopping.
Here is some more information about these good old style rifles:

Type 45 Siamese Mauser

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Type 45 Siamese Mauser
Type Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin Siam
Service history
In service 1903-1923
Used by Siam/Thailand
Wars World War I World War II
Production history
Designed 1903
Manufacturer Koishikawa arsenal
Variants Type 45, Type 47, Type 66, Type 45/66, Type 47/66
Cartridge 8x50mmR8x52mmR
Caliber 8 mm
Action Bolt action
Feed system 5-round magazine
Sights Iron

The Type 45 Siamese Mauser was a service rifle adopted by the government of Siam (now Thailand) in 1903.


It was a bolt-action rifle based on the Mauser action, originally chambered for the 8×50mmR rimmed centrefire cartridge (not to be confused with the dimensionally similar Austrian 8×50mmR Mannlicher or French 8×50mmR Lebel cartridges). It was later upgraded as the Type 66 rifle and chambered to fire the 8x52mmR cartridge with a spitzer bullet.[1]
The Type 45 refers to the year 2445 in the Thai calendar, which corresponds with 1903 on the Gregorian calendar.


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