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Trump Anti-Gun Nominee to Ninth Circuit Driving Away Core Supporters

Really? I’m not even sure we have one in Fairfax.

“Democrats praise Trump nominee for 9th Circuit,” The Washington Times reported Wednesday. “Republicans raise critical questions on his gun rights, Citizens United views.”
“Republicans brought the tough questions for Mark Jeremy Bennett over his defense of gun control laws and free speech rights,” the report elaborates. “Mr. Bennett, a former Hawaii attorney general now nominated to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, had backed a limited interpretation of Second Amendment rights that was overturned by the Supreme Court.”
Just being a highly-placed Hawaiian political nominee ought to raise red flags. The state is a “leader” in citizen disarmament. If they ever do have another real catastrophe there, most citizens are going to find out how badly those who have been defrauding them of their birthrights have screwed them.
Add to that the fact that the Ninth Circuit, widely recognized as one of the most “progressive” (read “anti-gun”) courts, recently lost the one sane voice it had on the Second Amendment with the #MeToo-pressured resignation of Judge Alex Kozinski.
Trump, who started out with a troubling record on guns, “rehabilitated” his public stand enough to win NRA’s endorsement. In recent months, however, he has revealed himself to be all about infringements (often with a green light from NRA). His so-called “bump stock” ban in reality dictates unprecedented non-negotiable terms of surrender from the executive branch.
If Trump and AG Jeff Sessions can get away with this naked usurpation, guess what the Democrats will be able to pull, especially if enough feckless Republicans take the fire out of their core supporter’s bellies and majorities flip.
And that’s what the president is doing by ignoring the concerns of his core constituency of gun owners who put him in power and expect him to take the oath he swore seriously.
We’ve seen the disaster Republican presidential appointments of bad judges has caused in the past, and especially with the anti-gun feeding frenzy we see today, now is no time to put a squish on the federal bench.
It’s fair to ask why those who have been defending the president from so many self-inflicted situations he now finds himself in should care if Robert Mueller and “the Swamp” prevail.  A President Mike Pence could do no worse and possibly would do a lot better, especially considering his record on guns.
The president needs all the friends he can get right now. He needs to be reminded of that. Assuming there’s not some other agenda at play here.
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