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The Enemy at the Gate – Russian Snipers at Stalingrad during WWII

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As most war films that I have seen in my life are at best a so-so event. This one at least rises above the manure pile that is Hollywood.
Now from what I have read and heard from my Senior German Relatives.
One of whom was in the Luftwaffe & the other in The Waffen SS. Who were at the Eastern Front themselves. They were at Kursk and the Crimea by the way.Image result for The Enemy at the Gate
What they told me was that it was the bottom pit of Hell. Image result for The Enemy at the Gate
That could of probably matched any other war in Savagery & Horror. With the added twist that both sides had madmen in charge. Since both Stalin & Hitler were the  overall commanders.
Both of my great uncles had served in France 1940 by the way. Which they called picnic in comparison to Russia.
Now if you can ignore the mandatory love triangle of the movie. It is not a bad story. With the growth of a Russian Sniper & his ruthless German Counterpart.
All in all it is worthy of your consideration.                            Grumpy


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