The Quarter Inch Rifle Calibers

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It use to be that I thought that there were only two calibers worth shooting regularly. They being the 30-06 & the 45 ACP. The thinking being that if they were good enough for winning WWI & WWII. Then its good enough for me.Image result for I was an idiot memes

 All I can say is that I was a even bigger idiot back then ! Yet somehow I saw the light.
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Sorry about that Bambi!
 Now basically what I am going to mention are your basic calibers that Ammo is easily available to get. Also it has to be calibers that I have shot.
  Sorry Weatherby Fans!
  But since you very seldom see your  ammo for sale except for on line sites like Midway USA. Also especially this happens. If & when one is in the more Rural areas on say a hunting trip.Image result for rural america
I do not know why I put this here. Must be my CRS!
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My List
6mm Remington – If had not been released too late in the 50’s. If would of beat out the 243. Nonetheless it’s a great round.
243 Win- The world champion of the group in terms of popularity & chooses of gun chambered in it.
257 Roberts- My all time favorite especially in the form of the Plu P variety. It may be Old School but it will get the job done.
25-06- Very popular in Texas. Which says a lot as them boys know their guns! For long range shooting like at deer or antelope. Its very hard to beat. Also the recoil is not pretty sweet compared to the 30-06.
Here is some info about the 6mm Family of Ammo that I found on the net.Image result for common 6mm ammo
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