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The Bad Gun Shop

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**********TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********
                      The Anti Gun Folks Best Ally
 Now I have observed way too many times in too many Shops. The following dumb stuff that Gun Shop folks have done.
For Example
If you are a Female you are going to be patronized. For example-I have actually heard the following Terms. “Little Lady, Girl, The Better Half etc etc. Image result for patronising terms women just hate memes
Now I am sure that most women just love hearing that. Right Ladies?
 Take this for example. Which Is red hot gospel as it happened to me and my Wife.
(Now my wife is a very nice woman & holds a Phd. from a first rate University.  So she is not a dummy)
  So what happened? “The Boss” was very patiently waiting for me to finish up some paperwork in order to buy my gun. So she asked what I thought was a pretty innocent question about the differences between a couple of guns.
  What happened next just about made me lose it. This “Clerk” said it is just too complicated for her to understand. That and he have better things to do right now.
(Later on I had a little talk / verbal abuse about this with the owner.)
  Needless to say she now refuses rightfully, I think. To never, ever set foot in there again. Can you blame her?
**********Another Trigger Warning**********
  I have also have heard various racial terms which I will not repeat.  Now I am NOT a Racist or Bleeding Heart Liberal or whatever the current terms are.
  As I can learn very quickly to dislike a person. But it does not matter at all to me. On what your Race, Creed, Color or whatever your problem is to me. That is not the issue.Related image
For me it is simple as this. I will treat you with respect and I expect the same from you.
  But the problems is this by doing these dumb things. We are hurting really ourselves. By making the rest of the Gun fraternity look really bad to everyone else.
 Which in turn we piss off potential friends and allies in the fight to save our 2nd Amendment Rights.
Plus we are basically throwing that person’s money and dignity into their faces. Does not not seem to me to be a good political or good business plan.

  Now this is not about the Nice Folks that I have met over the years in a very few shops, They probably know this also. All I can say is God Bless you and keep up the Good Work!

  As to those other folks. Well I think that anyone who have ever been to one than one gun shop. Has had the same experiences. Since it goes something like this generally.
  When you going around and you see a Gun Shop and since you have a little time to yourself. So you decide to go in and check it out.
 Here then begins the dance. If you are not a White Old Male and even that sometimes.
You will be ignored. Or failing that you will hear in a very menacing voice, “Can I help you?”
Then to be either ignored or watched extremely carefully. All the while the owner or staff has their hand on their holstered gun. That they all seem to carry.
At this point one has a choice. Either just leave or take the risk of talking to this person. If you go for it. Here is what is probably going to happen.
1.You ask a question and get a long explanation.
2.You are ignored.
3.You are told that this a bad choice and you should buy this instead.
4.It is not in stock but you can buy this more expensive item.
5. Or you get called a nasty name either to your face or to your back.
In closing maybe it’s time that we stand up to this little tyrants? What are your thoughts?
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