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My Most Boring Pistol – The Sig-Sauer P-220 in 45 A.C.P.

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  Now how the Hell can a Pistol or any gun be boring you ask, oh Gentle Reader?

  Well Grasshopper let me clue you in on my thoughts on this matter.
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One of the reasons on why I have stuck with this hobby of mine. Is the pursuit of putting a round center of mass or a perfect Bulls Eye at a Reasonable distance.
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  Now I am not the best shot in world nor am I the Worst one either.
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But I do know for Red Hot Gospel that I will never legally wear the Patch of the President’s 100.Image result for presidents 100 tab
(I saw one of these guys shoot once. To say that I was impressed is not the complete truth. I think Thunderstruck would be a better phrase.)Image result for presidents 100 tab
This guy is a serious Bad Ass by the way!
  I also know that the only time I will be at Camp Perry Ohio. Was when I got to go to the CMP Shop there.
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( I had a hell of a good time there by the way. So I most highly recommend going there if you have a chance. Plus I got a whale of a deal on buying my M-1 Garand thru the CMP Program.)
   But that’s just the way it is and I can live it. But enough of that matter.
 ***Trigger warning as I am going to talk about Guns now & give my honest opinions which might piss off a few folks***********Image result for pissed off
  Now usually when I buy a gun. It is usually a used one as I can not afford a new one generally. (I am also one cheap SOB when it comes to spending my hard earned money as a general principal of mine.)
 That & also most guns I covet are made back in the “Good Old Days”. When ever that was.
  Then I have to usually have to take to a Gun Smith and have it tuned up or fixed one way or another. I am sure that some of you Folks have gone down the that Road also.
   What that means is stuff like putting on a scope or a recoil pad, replacing an ejector etc etc.
  But enough of that. Anyways about 29 years ago, I was cruising the local Gun Shops to see what was on the block for sale. Where upon I had spied a very interesting looking Bruiser of a Pistol.
 The Bruiser as I call it now, was a Sig-Saur P-220 in 45 ACP.  Image result for p-220
Now I have had a bunch of Issues with the 45 ACP in my life.
The Bad Issues
   I have either owned, borrowed or been issued a whole mess of the various forms of the 1911’s over the years. Maybe it me or something. But every one of them from a Gold Cup to a tired old WWII Ithaca has had problems with me on the firing line. You name it and it happened to me.
   I also had the same problem with a Colt New Service, a S&W 1917 & with the half moon clips you need with them. Neither one of them shot worth a hoot for me. But then again I am not a crack pistol shot either.
   So I was about to just give it up and try some other caliber for a Auto Pistol.
 The Great & Only Reason for me to even think about the 1911a1
  My Dad was in the very early Part of Korean war. (The Pusan Perimeter & up to the Yalu)
Where one time he was jumped by some of the Bad Guys. Who foolishly thought that he was unarmed. Problem for them was that he was packing a Colt Combat Commander & knew how to use it.Image result for colt combat commander 45
  Bottom Line he got a Bronze Star for that stunt.Image result for Bronze star w v for valour
Also he was then able to go back to the land of the Big PX. While they & some other folks did not get back home & no gongs for them either.
 So here is my conundrum – If it had not been for that Round & that 1991a1 variation. I would not be boring you right now with my rantings. Go figure!
  Now back to the Sig. I had heard a lot of good things about this series pistols from Folks that I either knew or had a good reputation from others I trust.
  Then it happened. As I went to one of the local gun shops. Where I spied a  P-220 for sale. So I nicely ask to take a look at it and was impressed by it. Especially since it was new in box.
Also as a added plus it did not have the European Magazine release on the heel. But instead had the classic Browning Magazine Release where it belonged near the trigger. So far so good right?
  It was then I looked at the price tag. O.M.G.! It was over $700 in late 1980’s money! YIKES! Since that worked out to be well over two weeks take home pay. That as I a Substitute Teacher was making at the time.Image result for p-220
  What to do? As this could be another disaster in the making with my past history with this round.
  Also there was no way in hell that I had that much excess cash on me. Again, What to do?
So taking a page out of Stonewall Jackson’s Advice Book. “I did not take counsel of my fears.” Image result for stonewall jackson do not take counsel
  Figuring that if it is a Turkey and can’t shoot. Then I either sell it or trade for something else.
Also the owner was willing to take a small risk and would do a layaway payment on my part. May God Bless them for the chance that they gave me!
  So after almost a couple of months of payments. Then jumping thru the hoops of The Peoples Republic of Sacramento requires to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights.
  I was finally able to take it to the local indoor range and put it thru its paces. So up goes the target and I send it out.
  Now the Sig has a very nice if low front & rear sight system. But it also has a very nice and simple 3 glow in the dark dots on them.
  It also has a great grip that was just the right size for my paws. It’s a pity that it is a single stack but you can not have everything. right?
  So I picked up “The Bruiser” up and drew down on the target. All the while using a weaver stance and grip that I learned while in the Army. Then took a deep breath, let half of it out and squeeze one off.
  Now imagine my shock. As to when I get my vision back and was able to see the target. Its almost a 1/4 inch from dead center. Okay Beginners luck right?
  But then it happens again. Nah can’t be!  But 5 more rounds down range and the X Ring is gone. Needless to say I am one very Happy Camper at this moment!
 Now for some other Great News! This pistol still is earning its pay. Even after I have put easily several hundreds of rounds thru it.
  Also I have put every kind of brand of ammo thru it. From the Best the Market has to offer and that other stuff that I can get out here. To some of the nastiest stuff that I found over the years.
  Bottom line – It just looks at me and says I had worst than this. It then just eats it up and performs like the Champ it is.  Or we use to say in the Green Machine, W.E.T.S.U. – We Eat This Shit Up!
The other good news is that it is a lot and I mean a lot easier to clean than the 1911. In that you do not have to line up anything for the retaining / slide release.
  You also do not have to worry so much about flying recoil caps and springs. Who seem to take great happiness in disappearing & hiding from you.
   Some other good news is that generally I have to take at least an hour plus to clean a 1911 properly. With the Sig on the other hand. The longest I have had to taken to clean it was just under 30 minutes. Something that is worth thinking about.
  My only complaint is the lack of a safety on it, But then I have never trusted safeties. Also the I do not trust the decocking device. Since it is a matter of faith that I do not have when it comes to guns.

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