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The Colt Python

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The Python
  Well I finally got one before I fell off this mortal coil! Now for the past 40 old years. I have had to go the ranges and watch other folks show off their Python and then take pity on us poor folks. Who had to make do with lessor pistols.
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  But somehow The Gods finally took pity on me. So low and behold, the parts came together.
In that I finally paid off my (fired by me) Ex Wife. So that my bills had finally became manageable again. But more importantly I could have a gun allowance again.
  Then the final and critical part came into play. I saw a used Python for sale at the American Gun Works* in Glendale. A nice Friendly Gun shop that is worth a visit. If you are in the area.
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  So I was talking to one of the staff there. Who said the magic words to me. “Hey Grumpy are you still looking for a Python?” Who then produced a very nice one to me.Image result for colt python in his hand
Then God in all his mighty wisdom really smiled upon me. As the  price was very reasonable and they would do a layaway. What more could any red blooded American Boy hope for? Right?
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  A couple of months later. It was all mine and off to the range we went.
With the Son & Heir along. Who was green with envy by the way. Needless to say. It performed brilliantly. Especially with the Son and his better eyes and muscles.
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 Naturally he began his campaign for it. Sadly for him that ain’t gonna happen soon.
But on the other hand like winning the Lottery twice. ANOTHER Python came along with the same results. To say the Boy was happy bit be a bit of an understatement on my part.
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  Now what I am going to say might just upset a few folks. But here goes anyways. The Python has a few problems for me.
  In that first they are now parked in The Stupid Zone for prices. For example look at this old ad & ponder.
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Now they are a great 6 shooter and all. Plus I know that they are a basically hand built pistol by very seasoned veteran Gunsmiths. Who got paid for well for their excellent efforts.
  I also know that they are not making anymore because of the above factors. That and they are also now a great investment. I bought mine for $950 bucks plus tax that California Raped / Taxed me on for the privilege of ownership.
  God alone knows what I could get for selling it now. I just wish my Teachers Pension had COLAS like it. But we both know that ain’t gonna happen any time soon.
  Another fact is that my 1972 issue python has a solid black fore sight. That makes it challenging for this old Fart when he is shooting at a Regulation Target Pistol with a Black inner rings.
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  My other complaint is that for such a full designed pistol. The standard issue wood grips really suck. So as much as I love wood. I had to put a Pachmyr grips on it to get any kind of decent pattern Image result for colt python pachmayr grips
  Oh well! It just shows that perfection is just a figment that we all strive for but never get to.
So I guess, that I will have to wait for the mob with their torches and pitchforks. For having said these heretical thoughts of mine.
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Address1837 W Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201
Hours: 10-6 pm

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