“We need to stop dangerous people before they act, so Congress should provide funding for states to adopt risk protection orders. This can help prevent violent behavior before it turns into a tragedy. These laws allow a court to intervene and temporarily remove firearms when a person threatens violence to themselves or others.” And with that, the NRA’s Chis Cox made official the gun rights org’s support for confiscating an individual’s firearms based on a friend’s or family member’s suspicions.

The NRA is obviously feeling the heat and feeling pressure to, well, do something in the face of a rising tide of gun control bills being enacted in various states following the Parkland massacre. This appears to be the “solution” they worked out with President Trump in their recent meeting at the White House.

So-called extreme risk protection orders were included among the proposals the Trump administration announced over the weekend.

The proposals announced Sunday include “things that we know have broad-based support and can immediately get done,” she said. That includes encouraging states to train school personnel to use guns and to adopt “extreme risk protection orders” that would allow weapons to be seized from people considered dangerous with a court’s approval, as the National Rifle Association has insisted.

We’re living in interesting times.