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CITIGROUP IMPOSES RESTRICTIONS ON CLIENT GUN SALES Company’s Chief Executive Officer defends anti-gun policy in email provided exclusively to Infowars Adan Salazar

Citigroup announced Thursday it’s implementing restrictions on client firearm sales, making it the first major bank to impose such gun control measures.
In an email to employees provided to Infowars, Citigroup Chief Executive Officer Mike Corbat detailed new policies applying to “small business, commercial and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners.”
The policy is ostensibly “designed to respect the rights of responsible gun owners while helping keep firearms out of the wrong hands.”
Citi’s new “US Commercial Firearms Policy” requires firearms only be sold to people age 21 or older, that gun purchasers pass a background check, and restricts sales of bump stocks or “high-capacity magazines.”
If retail clients refuse to enact Citi’s “best practices over the coming months,” they are free to part ways with the bank, Corbat wrote.
“If they opt not to, we will respect their decision and work with them to transition their business away from Citi,” reads the email to employees.
Additionally, potential clients would be screened to ensure their businesses adhere to the new policy.
Corbat, who claims to be “an avid outdoorsman and responsible gun owner,” says the new restrictions are a great compromise for Second Amendment advocates and anti-gunners.
“We don’t have the perfect solution to supporting our Constitution while keeping our children and grandchildren safe,” he writes, adding, “But we shouldn’t let that stop us from doing our part.”
The bank’s announcement comes in the wake of a massive gun control push following a school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and several injured.
Read Corbat’s internal email below, provided exclusively to Infowars by a Citigroup employee:

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