Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Another reason why I am glad to be a RETIRED Teacher

Several weeks ago I went home to visit my parents for a wedding – my cousin was getting married. Despite the lingering thoughts about how the couple would probably get divorced, and about how marriage is a horrible deal for a man, I still genuinely hoped that it would work out for them.
As the procession ended, my family and I funneled out through the narrow front doors of the church, and I was surprised to see my Kindergarten teacher standing there. “Jon!” she exclaimed.
I was always impressed at how she could remember every one of her students’ names, despite the number of years that had passed. She seemed like one of the few teachers who actually got into teaching for the sake of helping young children grow into responsible young adults.
Mrs. Clark, my Kindergarten teacher, stood at about 5’3” – she was a little old lady with blondish-greying hair, and she was dressed in attire that a woman should be dressed in (a dress that went down to her ankles, a nice sweater, a scarf, and some other female accessories). Despite how many might feel about running into an old teacher, I was actually glad – I remembered many of the lessons that she had taught me, and how they were applicable to real life.
After chatting with her for a while, I found out that she was still a Kindergarten teacher. I asked her how long she’d been teaching for, and she said almost 50 years, now. Curious as to what I could learn from her, I asked if she’d noticed any changes in the educational system over the last five decades (since 1965).
Immediately, her normally joyful, rosy-cheeked expression transformed into a grimace.
“It’s changed a lot, Jon – and not for the better. Things that used to be common sense are being thrown out the window,” she said. “It’s becoming more and more bureaucratic – we have to please the parents to a much greater extent than we ever had to when I first started teaching. It’s become more about politics than it has about actual teaching.”
We chatted for quite a while, and as she began to drop more and more gems of wisdom on me, I decided that it would be a good idea to ask her if I could record our conversation. I told her that more people needed to know the truth, and that I was a blogger who could give it to them. After asking me what in the hell a “blogger” was, she consented.
After a long discussion about the current state of the American educational system, I went home and sifted through my recordings. I have compiled here a list of the three core points which Mrs. Clark Made.

Masculinity is being weeded out of children at an alarming rate

“I don’t want to hear this feminist bullshit.”

As most ROK readers know, schools are now essentially nothing more than brainwashing, “grooming” grounds which exist to churn out droves of good little beta male citizens. From a young age, any time that a boy tries to express his masculinity, he is viciously reprimanded and made to feel guilty about his natural biological tendencies. Meanwhile, little girls are eagerly rewarded for every single thing that they do, thus inflating their already bloated egos.

I can’t even let boys roughhouse anymore, because it could mean a lawsuit for the school. I used to let the boys play with toy swords and shields, too. They would make up their own games and fight with each other – I thought it was good for them. It taught them to have courage, it exercised their creativity, it showed them the value of teamwork, and it gave them an outlet. All of that went away in the mid 90’s, Jon.

As most of us are aware, this is how it all started. At first, the liberals pressured schools to stop letting boys rough play, under the guise that it was dangerous and violent. The public ate it up. However, not satisfied with simply depriving young boys of their right to roughhouse, an activity that is crucial for a young boy’s development, they moved on to attack anything that was even remotely perceivable as being masculine.

As if it isn’t enough that they can’t roughhouse anymore, our principal banned toy soldiers from the school! They aren’t allowed to make the gun symbol with their fingers, they can’t read anything about soldiers, knights, or warriors…they can’t even say anything even slightly perceivable as being offensive.
The other day one of my boys got a detention, because he said he wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. The VP [vice principal] was attending a special little presentation that our classroom had put on; each of the kids drew a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up, and said a few words about why they chose that profession. One of my boys said that he wanted to be a firefighter, because that’s what his daddy does, and it’s a job for men. He said that he wanted to be a man like his daddy, and that being a firefighter would make him a stronger, braver man.

Uh oh. Brace yourself for the shit storm, kid.
“The VP became furious and told him that he had just earned himself a detention for being sexist. The kid just started to cry; he was so confused. It was heartbreaking,” said Mrs. Clark.
This level of hyper-speech control really struck a chord with me—I felt bad for the kid, because I could relate. I had a similar “speech-control” incident when I was in 7th grade. I was playing with a basketball during recess. The class bully came up, took it from me, kicked it as far as he could, and ran. I yelled after him: “You’re dead meat!”
Immediately following recess, I was brought into the Vice Principal’s office and questioned about a death threat. They told me that I had threatened to kill another student, and that they took matters like this very seriously.
I was completely dumb-founded; I never actually threatened to kill him, it’s just a figure of speech. Apparently they were too stupid to understand this, so I told them that I didn’t really mean it. They let me off with a warning, but told me that if I ever said anything like that again, I would probably be expelled.

Egalitarianism has infected our schools

George Orwell was startlingly accurate

Egalitarianism, as defined by the pussified, Orwellian newspeak-promoting Merriam Webster, means: “a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs.”
The ACTUAL, more realistic definition of egalitarianism, is something like: “The belief that all human beings should be treated equally, regardless of any differences, and that their beliefs should also be treated equally, regardless of their validity.” If you can’t see why this is clearly a bad thing, let’s allow Mrs. Clark to elaborate.

I used to teach my kids to color in the lines, because that’s the way it should be done. I taught them how to hold a pencil, and the proper way to write letters and numbers with it. I taught the girls how to sit when wearing a skirt, so that they didn’t expose themselves. I taught the boys to be gentle with the girls, because they were stronger, and it was their responsibility to protect them.
Now I’d probably get fired for teaching these things. We’ve abandoned teaching cursive, because nobody writes anymore, and I’m not allowed to correct kids either, because that means that their way of doing things isn’t good. The other day, I got in trouble for teaching a young boy to color in the lines; for teaching him to color in the lines! Nowadays, I can’t even say that ‘This is the right way to do it,’ because I’m supposed to value everyone’s opinions equally, no matter how wrong they are.
A decade ago I got in trouble for teaching a young boy how to use a folder. He had been stuffing worksheets into his backpack, leaving them all crumpled up and disorganized, so I bought him a little two pocket Spiderman folder and showed him how to use it.
The next day, his parents chewed me out. I told them that he was disorganized and lost everything. They told me that their son had ADHD, and that ‘His medical disorder causes him to do things differently sometimes. You’re being insensitive to his disability, and it’s barbaric; he has his own way of doing things, and it has its advantages and its disadvantages, and you need to accept that.’

Mrs. Clark was astonished at their grossly offensive idiocy and irresponsible parenting:

They were using his ADHD as an excuse to let him stay disorganized and cluttered. I couldn’t say anything though, because they were threatening to sue the school. Even though the kid would have been much better off organized, I was forced to tolerate his complete lack of organization, because ‘It’s just his way of doing things.’ Give me a break.

Still think that egalitarianism is a good thing?

We aren’t preparing kids for the real world

Most children grow up thinking this is what it’s like

I remember my class with Mrs. Clark – vaguely of course, but there’s definitely some things that stick out in my mind. Perhaps the clearest thing which I recall, is being bullied by a kid named Robbie. Every day, for no apparent reason, he would push me down onto the ground. I would get upset, run away, and then resume playing.
Mrs. Clark saw this several times, but didn’t intervene. She pulled me aside one day, and asked: “Why don’t you ever push him back?” My world was shattered. It had never even occurred to me that I could stand up for myself, thanks to years of Barney brainwashing and maternal coddling.
So, the next day, I pushed him back. He seemed shocked that I was standing up for myself. Mrs. Clark was watching; she came over and told Robbie that “If you push somebody, they might just push you back.” After that, Robbie never bothered me again.
This was probably one of the most valuable lessons that I’ve ever learned. It taught me to be brave, even when you’re scared. It taught me to stand up for myself. It taught me that sometimes a man has to solve his own problems.
Nowadays, this would probably be deemed as child abuse, according to Mrs. Clark:

If two boys in my class ever got in a fight nowadays, I would probably be fired. I’m supposed to helicopter parent them every second of every day, and it’s not preparing them for the real world. Kids can’t even stand up for themselves anymore – I remember two kids that got in a fight, I think about 8 years ago, maybe 9; Colby and Patrick.
One day, Colby decided it would be a good idea to slap Patrick in the face. Patrick told him to stop, but Colby just slapped him again. I was watching the whole thing, and didn’t get involved. I used to let kids work things out for themselves – it prepares them for the real world. Colby then picked up a handful of mulch and smeared it all over Patrick’s shirt…Patrick got really mad. He swung a mean right hook and knocked Colby onto the ground – he started crying and throwing a temper tantrum.
I pulled them aside and explained to Colby that if he’s going to provoke another student, he might just get what he’s asking for. I told Patrick that he did the right thing, and that he should always stand up for himself.
Within the next week, I was told by the principal that Colby’s parents were filing a class action lawsuit against the school, and had already reported Patrick’s…’assault,’ to the police. The principal told me that Patrick was being suspended for his actions.

“I couldn’t believe it!” exclaimed Mrs. Clark. “The little shit, pardon my language, had been harassing and humiliating Patrick, and when Patrick stands up for himself he gets in trouble? I tried to stand up for him, but the principal threatened to fire me. I almost lost my job that day, Jon, and it’s never been the same since.”

In Summary

The American educational system has deteriorated into a colossal lump of shit. 14 years of education, from preschool to graduating high school, and what are our children taught? Boys are taught to suppress their masculinity, and instilled with a deep-seeded victim complex. Girls are taught that they’re God’s gift to this earth, and that they deserve to be treated like princesses, regardless of their actions.
Both boys and girls are fed lie after lie, until they have no choice but to accept the false reality being forced upon them.
School doesn’t teach our children basic financial responsibility, how to socialize, how to change a tire, or any other basic life skills. What it does teach them, however, is that men are evil, women are goddesses, and that the world is a soft and cushy place that will cater to their needs.
So, if you have a kid, it’s best that you don’t raise him in America. If you don’t have a choice, send him to a private school, but do your research first, because some of them have been infected (Mrs. Clark taught at a Catholic school). If you can’t afford to give your kid a private education or to move out of the country, try to move to a more conservative area, where the schools haven’t been completely overrun by liberals.
At the very least, you should be teaching your child the truth from a young age, so that by the time that the school system tries to bullshit him, he’ll have a weak, but functioning, bullshit detector. Some other writers have already discussed how to instill your son with neomasculine values, such as here and here.
If you don’t have a son, then do your best to pass on red pill knowledge to young boys. Whenever I get together with my family for Thanksgiving or other holidays, I always play football with the young boys, and impart masculine wisdom onto them. One of my nephews, who I’ve been subtly implanting with red pill truths over the years, is now a total player in 8th grade; he has girls chasing after him, but prefers to go deer hunting with his buddies.
We need more young boys like this in the world, and you, my friends, have the power to create them. We must combat the school system ourselves, because nobody else will. We have a responsibility to pass down our wisdom to the younger generation, so that we may have a hope of one day reclaiming the patriarchy of our ancestors.

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