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Why The Left Hates Guns

Sadly this makes sense to me!                                               Grumpy

Is the Pope a Catholic? Does the Left hate guns? People of the left hate guns more than almost anything else they remotely associate with the despised right, more than gas guzzlers, home school families, coal companies and coal miners, confederate flags and statues or pro-life protestors.
Mention the NRA and watch it trigger spasms of fury and outpourings of disgust from an over-stimulated SJW. The NRA for them is evil incarnate. No other organization is likely more detested and execrated.
What is it about guns that make people on the left hate them so much and harbor so much contempt for those people – not so much the criminals who use them, but the ordinary, law-abiding people who insist on owning them?
To begin with, guns are dangerous weapons, essential to the conduct of those human survival-occupations that were long in the exclusive domain of men – hunting, policing, war-making – activities that by their very nature involve violence and appeal to the most risk-seeking, masculine sorts of men.
The feminized, cult-Marx leftists who want little boys to be more like little girls and grow up to be latte-sipping pajama boys and metro-sexuals, instinctively recoil at just the thought of men with arms.
They seem to think that violence is just an old fashion sort of thing that unliberated (non-gelded) men still enjoy and employ in order to affirm their atavistic masculinity, sustain their corrupt institutions, and threaten the “vulnerables” who populate the victim classes, e.g. young black males shot by racist white policemen.
Consider also the power-dimensions of gun possession: a gun, even a very small one, is an amazing instrument of power. A ninety-pound woman physically confronted by a two hundred-pound man with a BMI of 25 has little power to resist his assault or aggression. A gun in her (non-feminist) hand completely changes the power equation.
By virtue of his superior size and relative strength, the man can seriously injure or murder the woman sans gun. With it, she can easily kill him if he attempts to harm her. His advantage-conveying, extra 110 pounds and bigger bones and muscles are instantly nullified by the discharge from her 25 ounce Ruger.
Guns enforce power-relations which is why police and soldiers carry them and which is also another reason why leftists hate them.
Police and soldiers are a class of human beings socialized in the use of institutionally sanctioned violence, making them foreign and threatening creatures to the sort of people preoccupied with micro-aggressions, correct gender pronouns, and safe spaces, the sort who protest outside a prison and break down in tears when a homicidal sadist strapped on a table inside gets a stiff dose of sodium thiopental.
Guns also can disturb power-relations, a fact that helps explain why guns are such a centerpiece of the raging culture war in America. Think of today’s red states, heartland USA, as America’s Vendée under assault from the Washington DC Jacobins.
Then recall candidate Obama’s 2008 condescending “bitter clingers to their guns or religion” slur before his San Francisco adulators directed at the white voters in western Pennsylvania.
The “religion” per Obama of these “bitter clingers” represents their intolerable spiritual resistance to the ruling, leveling ideology of transgenderism, gay rights and the anti-racism that has launched the lawless BLM and the Antifas.
The “guns” that Obama would like to take away are the material piece of the resistance of our own beleaguered Vendeans. Obama’s remarks were nothing less than a declaration of his intention to reduce in every possible way these people he had smeared as bigots to a powerless, atomistic mass of needy, compliant supplicants to the federal legions of panjandrums and faceless bureaucrats.
The left, of course, would love to confiscate all the guns in this country down to the very last BB gun claiming that it would it would end the rampages of psychotic shooters.
This is one of their phantasms of “progress.” Criminalize the possession of something in high demand and relatively easy to produce and you will see a dramatic spike in its price because of the seller’s criminal risk.
High prices attract high-risk entrepreneurs (aggressive young men usually) into the marketplace who form powerful, sophisticated crime syndicates that are (a) very competitive and hence extremely violent and (b) cater successfully to vast markets for their illegal product.
Does this sound familiar? The massive infusion of drugs into the U.S. with the accompanying violence dramatically illustrates how the unintended consequences of firearm confiscation, if attempted, would unfold.
Government confiscation of guns would drastically increase (criminalized) gun ownership and vastly increase gun violence, not to mention the exhaustion of law enforcement resources and the complete political alienation of large numbers of American citizens.
Self-defense, leftists sneeringly dismiss as a legitimate reason to own a gun – that is what the State is for.
Try not to choke on the hypocrisy. They are protected 24×7 by armed secret service personnel (Hillary, Obama and their families) or live in safe, posh suburbs with expensive, sophisticated security systems and reliable, predictable police protection.
But for those “folks” for whom they have so much compassion and about whom they know so little, those folks who have to worry about the muggers, rapists, wife-batterers, drug peddlers and strung out junkies who populate their neighborhoods?
Well, they are supposed to cherish how virtuous they will feel without those awful guns they don’t need and
hope a cop might show up before someone in the family gets raped or murdered.
We all know that there are large sections of some of the cities in the U.S. (governed by anti-gun Democrat politicians) where the police reluctantly go.
The State is quite selective in the protection it provides for its citizens and “the “State” for the “ruled-over” is a useless abstraction.
The pervasive cynicism and skepticism now aimed at those who operate it are completely justified. These “public servants” enjoy all of the perks of their offices that the rest of us only envy.
Our political class betters make onerous rules for their inferiors to live under, but not for themselves. To see how this works every single day, go to an airport.
Watch the sorry parade of ordinary, law-abiding citizens forced (coerced) to act like motley inmates of a county-jail work detail as they are made to strip off their clothes – jackets, belts, shoes, jewelry – and thrust their wrist-clasped arms above their heads in symbolic surrender before the scanners of their naked bodies.
Ordered about by the throngs of federal warders, the subjects – no longer citizens – must watch them paw through their personal belongings, pat down old women and young children, their hands intruding into very private parts of the body.
Do any of our esteemed legislators and executives endure these indignities?
At election time these vultures descend from their comfortable, lofty perches to perform tedious rituals of pretending to care when what they really want is just more power and the advantages and privileges that come with it.
The animosity of the left for guns is also about the special kind of snobbery they indulge that relates to the work they do and the way they live.
They tend to work in the realm of ideas and at activities intended to influence the thinking and actions of others. They teach in schools and universities, run media outlets and newspapers, manage and administer NGOs, market and sell products, process paper in government offices.
Some of them are “grievance specialists” at universities and other organizations, professional busybodies and scolds who operate under the rubric of “diversity”, a code word that permits them to hector and bully whomever they please.
These types don’t change the oil in their own cars,
fix things they own when they break down, make or grow anything they use or consume.
They pay “other people” to do things like this, and they mostly look down on them.
These “other people” tend to like guns. They live and think conservatively and work at jobs such as policemen, firemen, mechanics, truck drivers, construction workers and run small businesses.
They hunt, fish, bowl, fix their own cars, go to church, take care of their grandparents, join the military and do many other things that offend the sensibilities of the left.
For the Prius-driving, inequality-obsessed Sociology professor who campaigned for Hillary and rails against Trump, the gun-toting policeman he loathes and execrates in his 101 classes could not respond quickly enough to his summons when he thinks a burglar might be near.
The left will never relinquish their hostility toward gun owners and never abandon their efforts at gun control. “Gun control” is a euphemism, an essential piece of the larger picture that defines the essence of the left and what they aspire to, complete control of others.
Because they believe themselves to be uniquely entitled to order and manage the lives of everybody, they observe no restraints of honesty or fair play.
Be assured, they will relentlessly intrude themselves into every corner of our lives so as to make the rest of us into what they think we should be, pale, inferior imitations of themselves.
Guns are a huge obstacle to this goal. Viva the cold dead fingers!

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