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Springfield’s Newest Saint is a Compact and Light Pistol

Springfield’s Newest Saint is a Compact and Light Pistol

The new fully-featured Saint pistol, featuring a custom free-floating rail, updated pistol brace and blast mitigation device.(Photo: Springfield)

Springfield Armory is rolling out a pair of neat little AR pistols for different markets — standard capacity and reduced. These guns follow the lines and features of Springfield’s Saint rifles with pistol braces for use in tight quarters and close ranges.
Like the full-size rifles the Saint pistols are chambered for 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington. Springfield offers them with 30- or 10-round Magpul Pmag magazines. The pistols pack a solid set of improved features in addition to being more compact.
The pistols sport an SB Tactical brace and buffer assembly along with other premium accessories. The guns ship with a Bravo Company pistol grip and trigger guard and custom in-house M-Lok lightweight handguard and hand stop.

The Saint pistol also ships with 10-round magazines for restricted markets. (Photo: Springfield)

The handguard features a truncated Picatinny rail along the 12 o’clock position and M-Lok slots everywhere else. The rail has sections at the very front and back for optics and iron sights, leaving a smooth top section for a snag-free forward grip.
Each Saint pistol ships with an SBX-K forearm brace, the updated and lighter weight version of SB Tactical’s pistol brace.
At the end of the new Saint’s muzzle is a large, chambered blast mitigation device. These devices are getting pretty popular with short-barreled rifles and AR pistols. Not only do they control the recoil they redirect noise and gas downrange away from the shooter and anyone else nearby.
The muzzle devices sit at the end of a 7.5-inch barrel. The barrels have a 1-in-7 twist to stabilize the very heavy bullets that do best out of these compact guns. They are 416 stainless steel for accuracy and have a Melonite nitride finish for durability and corrosion resistance.

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Saint pistol specifications. (Photo: Springfield)

The new guns have short pistol-length gas systems along with heavy tungsten buffers. They also have full-auto-rated bolt carriers with a Melonite finish for increased reliability across the board. The guns have standard GI-style trigger but also feature an improved nickel-boron finish for a more consistent trigger pull regardless of conditions.
Springfield builds the pistols on forged 7075-T6 alloy receivers with a MIL-SPEC Type III anodized finish. With an unloaded mag the Saint pistol weighs only 5.8 pounds. It measures 26.5 inches long.

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And while the Saint pistols are “optics ready” — they dont’t come with iron sights or other sighting accessories — they are affordable, with a $989 MSRP. If it’s anything like the Saint rifle it should list for around $800, which is nicely competitive with other quality production ARs today.
Some of these features, including the new handguard, are so nice, we hope to see them with other Springfield rifles and pistols down the line. This should be just the beginning.
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