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Know Your Ammo – Texas

  There are so many varieties of ammo on the market today, but not every type is perceived the same in the eyes of the law. Watch Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor explain how the type of ammo you use could affect you.  

Emily: Choice of ammunition is just about as personal as your choice of carry weapon. Though there aren’t many laws governing your ammunition. There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you decide how to best arm yourself.
Armor piercing ammunition rounds for handguns is illegal. With that said, there are no other restrictions for ammunition on the books in the state of Texas. You want the nastiest hollowpoints you can find? Perfectly legal. That box of ammunition that says law enforcement use only? Go for it. Your own custom reloads? No problem. Outside the realm of armor piercing ammunition, anything goes.
Now, just because it’s legal doesn’t necessarily mean there are not any consequences to your choice. If you have to use your weapon to shoot an attacker in self-defense, could a prosecutor argue your RIP hollow points or your hand loads are evidence that should be used against you? They can twist any and every fact available to try to get the jury to convict. Will it work? If you’ve got a good defense attorney on your side, probably not. So, as long as it isn’t armor piercing use what you think will keep you and your family safest.

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