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How my trip to the shooting range changed how I think about gun owners   BY NICOLAS COLEMAN

February 14, 2018 01:28 PM

Updated February 15, 2018 02:41 PM

I did not go to a shooting range expecting to learn anything other than how to shoot a gun. It was just something new and interesting that I wanted to try. For most of my life I had been inundated with information, misinformation and political messaging surrounding guns and those who own them. It was another on a long list of topics that I was expected to have an opinion on without having any first-hand knowledge. Having grown up in a predominantly liberal environment, I was taught to associate guns with mass shootings, hicks and the ominous National Rifle Association. I left the shooting range feeling that this narrative was misguided, socially harmful and politically toxic.

Passer-by video shows arrest of Florida school shooting suspect

A 19-year-old suspected of killing at least 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in a mass shooting on February 14 was arrested a short distance from the school on the same day. This video was shot by Mike Quaranta who said he was driving his kids home from school when he saw an arrest taking place. The footage was shot a little over a mile away from the school. Mike Quaranta via Storyful

There were no stereotypes at the range. Despite being in the South, there were no big trucks with Confederate flags in the parking lot. Like the post office or the liquor store, it was a democratizing venue where nearly all demographics were brought together without tension. I came thinking I might faceunease or hostility as a young black man. On the contrary, I felt more comfortable there than I have in many cosmopolitan retail stores. In a way, it was everything I was taught not to expect.
Still, I had come to shoot a gun and ultimately that is what I was least prepared for. The safety instructions and the attentive staff made for a perfectly controlled and secure environment. Still, I felt exceedingly uncomfortable with every shot. The rifles for sale on the wall, the rounds of ammunition, the shell casings on the ground all brought to mind the pictures of guns, magazines and bullets strewn across Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas hotel room. The sound of gunfire on the range, still violently loud despite the ear protection, played like the cellphone videos taken by those under fire.

Video shows blood-smeared floor, body inside Douglas classroom

A video obtained by the Miami Herald appears to show blood-smeared floors and a partial victim’s body inside what is alleged is a classroom at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14, 2018. Submitted to the Miami Herald

I do not think I will be purchasing a gun anytime soon. I have no interest in hunting or shooting for sport, and I do not feel the need to have a gun in order to protect myself. I also do not feel that I have any right to judge those who choose to have guns.

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