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The Gun that won the West Question

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Now I am a little more confused than usual. Especially when it comes to this issue.
Guns of the West Now I get it that Hollywood thinks that it’s the Winchester 73. Fair enough says I!
Or how about the Mountain Men and their various Muzzle Loaders?Related image
But then the US Cavalry might say that the Colt SAA or the Springfield Trapdoor Rifle is it.Related image
Or the Buffalo Hunters might say that the Sharps Rifle might be it.Image result for buffalo hunters
But then Wyatt Earp and Friends might say it’s this!Image result for wyatt earp gun
or thisImage result for you tell em i m coming and hell's coming with me gif
But then the Indians / Native Americans would say “Hey how about our various Guns?”Sitting Bull strived to retain Lakota lifestyle and lands. He belonged to the Hunkpapa tribe of the Lakota people, also known as the Sioux.
See why I am confused? So what are your thoughts on this matter?
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