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Daughters and Mothers Participate in Six Sold Out Women-Only CCW Classes

Addyson Simonds learning the concealed carry ropes at 11. Never too soon to learn the basics. (Photo: CBS)

Perhaps, one way to put an end to these tragic #metoo stories is to empower women to exercise their 2A rights.
While “No” still means “Yes” to many pervs, stalkers and rapists, there is no confusion or mixed messaging when an armed woman says something along the lines of, “I’ll shoot your noodle off if you take one more step.”
Most scumballs will usually back down when the threat of violence is real. Especially when its directed at their man junk.  That’s why I’m always encouraged by stories of women taking the plunge into the concealed carry waters.
Denver’s local CBS affiliate reports that this past weekend six concealed carry classes for women were completely sold out.  What’s really cool, though, is that some mothers brought their daughters along to the three-hour course.
Sure, the youngsters will have to wait awhile before they can carry legally.  However, in the meantime, it’s great to introduce them to the basics.
“My family is very oriented around guns so I really want to learn how to use them so I’m ready for when I get older,” said 11-year-old Addyson Simonds.

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Simonds noted that she’s fighting the stereotype that guns are only for guys.
“A lot of people think that girls can’t have guns and it’s kind of sexist and I don’t like it,” Simonds added.
Likewise, attendee Payton Rowen was happy to shift the male-dominated paradigm.
“I think that they are singling out women because it’s like saying women aren’t as powerful as men and men should be the only ones protecting girls, and I think it’s wrong because women are just as strong as boys and it’s just wrong,” said Rowen.
Rowen, who attended the class with her mother, also discussed the main takeaway from the course.
“Our main goal is to keep us protected, and we thought this would be a good class, me and my mom, just to get comfortable being around guns and just knowing they aren’t bad and they are there to protect us,” said the Littleton resident.
Great stuff.
Women Protection Services, the company that put on the classes, said it plans to do another all-women course this May.

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