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Gun Engraving – When is it time to stop?

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Now I have mixed feelings about Gun Engraving. In that one must remember this. That basically any gun is really just a tool. A very deadly one but still a tool.
Of course over the span of time. Man has engraved his tools that have brought him luck, fortune or just plain happiness.
Or just being able to show other folks without speaking. “Hey I am a lot richer & powerful than you will ever be!”
Fair enough says I.
But like everything else in life. There comes a time when one has to say really? Like this Puppy for example.
or how about these samples of over doing it?
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Image result for best looking engraved guns
Now do not get me wrong! If they make the owners a better shot or a happier person. By having these guns, Hey more power to them!  Says I. Image result for heavily engraved gun meme
Image result for president Reagan with a gun gun meme
Also I have to admit that whoever did the work. Really has their shit together. But the bottom line question is till there. When is it a flourish too much?

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