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Remington Backs new Model 700 PCR with 3-Shot Sub-MOA Guarantee by MAX SLOWIK on JANUARY 18, 2018

Big Green put a lot of great features in their new PCR.  (Photo: Remington)

Remington is announcing a new Model 700 bolt-action rifle with a custom-style modular precision chassis chambered for .260 Remington, 6.5mm Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. Each rifle is tested using Remington’s military-proven Computer Aided Targeting System, or CATS, to ensure a 3-shot sub-MOA guarantee.
Remington Defense developed the CATS program as part of their mission to supply accuracy-proven rifles to military and police snipers around the world. Paired with some of the best components on the commercial market, Remington is pleased to introduce the Model 700 PCR, or Precision Chassis Rifle.
“This is the same system used to confirm the accuracy of Remington Defense sniper rifles currently serving in theatres worldwide,” said Remington in their announcement. “By removing the human element, this process delivers unwaveringly precise and repeatable results. A printed copy of each Model 700 PCR’s CATS accuracy test is included in the box before it leaves our engineers’ hands.”
Remington’s not the first company to develop a custom-style production rifle for commercial and police markets. But it’s clear they paid attention to their competition developing the PCR. The gun is priced right for target shooting, hunting, competition, and duty.

Old-school meets next-gen with this black bolt gun. (Photo: Remington)

If it wasn’t in the name it would be hard to recognize this as a Model 700 rifle. The PCR is paired with an advanced, modular aluminum chassis and free-floating handguard. The handguard features SquareDrop slots, a KeyMod variant, for use with a huge range of accessories like bipods, sling points, lights and pointers.

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The chassis is weather-proof hard-anodized aluminum with a matte black Teflon finish for added protection. It incorporates AR-pattern components and comes with a Magpul Gen 3 PRS stock. The stock is fully-adjustable for cheek and buttpad height and length of pull. Additionally, the PCR uses AR pistol grips and Magpul magazines.
In all three chamberings, the PCR sports a 24-inch barrel that’s threaded for use with muzzle brakes and suppressors. Every barrel has 5R threads to reduce bullet deformation and to promote accuracy. Other solid features include an oversized, down-turned bolt handle and X-Mark Pro externally-adjustable trigger.
With all of these components standard, the PCR has a $1,199 MSRP. With real-world prices less than that, the PCR is sure to take a bite out of the fast-growing practical-tactical bolt-action market.

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