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Washington State Lawmakers Mull New Gun Control Legislation by S.H. BLANNELBERRY on JANUARY 16, 2018

Washington State

Anti-gun activists show up at the hearing to push the five gun control bills up for consideration. (Photo: Q13 Fox)

It’s a new year, which means there is a new opportunity for anti-gunners to push their agenda. Such is the case in Washington state, where lawmakers this week considered a number of proposals that would take a big bite out of the Second Amendment.
“Today the Senate Law and Justice Committee is hearing gun responsibility bills that simply would not have been heard by the previous leadership of the Senate,” said Jeff Potter, program policy director for the Alliance for Gun Responsibilities on Monday.
“Already this session we’ve seen a bill that was killed at the request of the gun lobby last year pass with this committee. So just the fact that we are having these hearings today is just a sea change from where we were just a few years ago,” he added.
The bills considered at the hearing include all of the following, reports Q13 Fox:

  • SB 5444 would require an assault weapon license in order to have an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine. The proposal would also ban non-state residents from buying assault weapons or large-capacity magazines in Washington.
  • SB 6146 gives local governments in Washington state more leeway to write their own gun control regulations.
  • SB 5463 increases the punishment for anyone who doesn’t store a gun safely. The proposal would also require anyone selling a gun to offer a lockbox, as well.
  • SB 5992  relates to trigger modification devices.
  • SB 6049  relates to high capacity magazines.

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GunsAmerica reached out to Alan Gottlieb, the Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.  Gottlieb, whose organizations are based out of Bellevue, attended the event.
“At the hearing I testified on behalf of the more than 20,000 Washington State members of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms against all 5 bills,” said Gottlieb in an email to GA.
“Gun owners turned out in very large numbers to show their opposition as well,” he continued. “I feel good about being able to stop this assault on our rights. However, to win this battle grass-roots gun owners must continue to have their voices heard and stay engaged for the next few months.”

We’ll keep a close watch on these five bills. For those Washington state residents reading this, it’s time to contact your reps if you haven’t already.  Speak out and stay engaged, as Alan said.

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