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How to start a career in Education Part 3

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Okay so you aced the interview & nailed down the job! Congrats & well done Old Boy!
Now what?
Well the Principal is going to call the District and tell them that they hired you. So off you go to Corporate Headquarters & Human Resources*.
When you do go. Make very sure that you have all your paperwork squared away. The School Secretary can help if you are really nice to them by the way.
The key things are a copy of all your College Transcripts, Teacher Credentials and other Certificates. As they will determine your place on the pay scale.
Hint -you want to be on the far right side and down as far as possible on this chart. So see if your Substitute Teaching time can be credited to it under experience. This can make your pay check a bit bigger by the way.
So anyways you are going to due a huge amount of paperwork. Get used to it as you have just joined the Civil Service.
Be smart and do some research on Health Insurance so that it will fit your needs. Also you can get your spouse & kids on this.  I like Kaiser- Permanente myself but to each his own I say!
Then you will be sent to an orientation briefing. Where they will try and scare the snot out of you. Just don’t sweat it.
This will be followed by going back to YOUR School and meeting your Department Chair. Who will then assign you your classroom. Then on with a side trip to the Textbook room for your students books for them to sign for later on.
Hopefully you will have a day or so to set up and decorate your classroom. Before the flood of students arrive.
More later on, Good Luck & Hunting!

  • HR can be your worst nightmare as they are the ones who will “Investigate” any misconduct that might come your way. Be very wary of these folks and avoid if possible. They will also be the ones to screw up your pay & benefits.

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