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How to start a career in Education Part Two

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So let us say that you have survived the first couple of months as a Substitute Teacher and you kinda like it. Plus you found a School District that is a good fit for you.
You might even have had a couple of long term assignments. Which really helps the old bank account & helps the old ego too!
Now what?
So you have a few options ahead of you & time enough to decide. Since you are drawing some semi regular pay now.Related image
So if you want to go for the “big bucks” then its back to University for your Regular Teaching Credential. Sucks huh?
Plus that as a Sub you already have some real life experience. Which tells you that most of the stuff that they teach you will not work in the classroom. So just suck it up and soldier on.
Hopefully your District will help out some. Also if its considered a hard to staff district. (Inner City or Rural Areas) You can get some loan forgiveness for your student loans. Which is nothing to sneer at these days.
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Also you will probably get Benefits life Health Insurance and possibly a pension. No too shabby
So after going thru the hoops at University. You then have to go and interview with the District for a job. Now if you have done any Substitute work there. You will have an inside shot at a job.
So when you come to the interview with the Principal. Make sure that you have a good outfit on and a positive attitude. Plus please remember this! That the Principal & or other staff at the interview is more vastly nervous than you are. (My Old Principal Bill told me this years later.)
The key questions to them are this. Does this person know their subject and will they fit in at my school. The second one being the most important.
More later on !

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