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Other Issues of Gun ownership

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Now I know that the majority of you guys are not going to read this. Well Its a Semi Free Country. So God Bless!

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                     Now for the Adults out there.
****Trigger Warning- Adult Profanity coming up!***
Who have their shit together.  Here are a few facts to think about.Image result for folks who have their shit together
  Now some of my best happy moments of my life was & is. When My Son and I go out to the range and put some holes. Into those paper targets that try to attack us.
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(The Toad can still out shoot me. But I am still practicing more than he is. So someday I will show him up!)
But here is some other things to consider.
The Sport of Shooting is very expensive & time consuming.
(When I go to the range lately, it basically wastes the shank of a day)Image result for father time
Image result for huge pile of cash
A lot of folks for one reason or another will not like you.
Image result for anti gun people
It is the only sport in this US of A. That if you are not very careful can get you in trouble with the Federal Government. Image result for cops & you
Something you want to avoid at all costs if possible!
(ask my Son the Lawyer)Image result for lawyer with gun meme
It can be very hard on the old body. Because of the following
Since most guns are fairly heavy. Image result for exhausted soldier memes
Also if you are an Idiot like me. I use to love firing off large & I mean large caliber rifles. Think Elephant Guns like the 458 Win. Mag.Image result for firing off an elephant gun
I am now paying for that madness with a messed up back.Image result for old guy with bad back memes
You will also walk / hump around at the range a lot with one.
 Image result for humping with a gun meme
Ammo is also not noted to be light in weight. (It’s good to have a Son around for this detail by the way)
Image result for ammo bearer
You will find one day that you have a ton of gear in the back of your car. Just “in case” you get a chance to go to the range.
Image result for but wait there's more memes
Even if you wear hearing protection Your hearing will be affected.
Image result for deaf old farts
Side bar – When I was a really young punk. My Dad took me around some real old timers. Later on, I asked him why it seemed to me that they were all pissed off. Since they were all yelling at each other. “Son, They are not mad they are all just deaf from the report of their guns”.
Finally there will be always one more gun or some gun gear that I need and I will then be happy. Then I will be able to save some money.Image result for sure you are meme
My wife is rolling her eyes at me, While I write this.Image result for wife rolling eyes

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