Dear Grumpy Advice on Teaching in Today's Classroom

Some more ramblings from the Old Fool on Classroom Discipline

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Do NOT trust anyone at work until you have known them for a school year!
The Administrators are not your friend or ally!
People think that yelling is “talking” to the student
If you let them and listen. The students will teach you a lot!
If you show respect to your students you will get it back two fold.
I was extremely lucky to have such great students in my career!
We do not challenge our students hard enough or well either
While we claim to want excellence. We settle for good enough
Why not the Best? God knows we spend enough money on education!
That we try to teach too much & badly for the most part
Most School Unions are only good for taking their dues out of your paycheck!
You either have too much time or not not enough!
You will always run out of work before the end of class
Your supervisor will alway show up when a disaster has just happened in your class.
Your students will always say something shocking to a class visitor.
Students can smell Bullshit a mile away & will call you on it!
Teaching is like herding a bunch of skittish cats!
Everything at School is Political
Never count on anything to happen
There is no magic bullet in Education
Seeing a students eyes light up because they now understand something that you taught them is a little miracle to behold!
There are a lot of folks out there drawing the pay of a teacher. But there are really very few real teachers out there!
Teacher training is a joke! I just Thank God that I was in the Army. Which actually taught me a lot about real education.
I was a so so teacher & a legend in my own mind
The older I get the better I was!
After all these years, I still do not know how folks learn anything
I guess that I was one hell of an actor as I fooled them all after 24 years of teaching!

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