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Buying a Rifle & What to look for!

****Trigger Warning – Adult Profanity coming up!*****

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  Now where was I? Oh yeah buying a Rifle! As you can see my my C.R.S.* is acting up!Image result for crs memes
 Let us say that you have found a worthy candidate of a Rifle to add to you group of foster guns. As President Teddy Roosevelt (The Good Roosevelt*) would say “Bully!”.Image result for tr bully !
  Right! Now is the time to turn on your cold hard eyes and do a serious inventory on the condition of this Long Arm.
Now I generally start from the Butt or bottom of a rifle and move my way up.
Does this rifle have a but plate or a recoil pad on it. If so what shape is it in?
Related image
or not so good?Image result for old worn out rifle recoil pad
If it has a recoil pad. How hard is it. I have bought some rifles that the pad could break concrete.
If you have to replace the pad. Then it will probably cost you a C Note or $100 dollars to those Yankees out there.
Are there any cracks, scars, scratches,blemishes on or near the toe & heel of the butt? If yes then pass on it. Unless you get a big discount.Image result for broken rifle rifle stocks
Yes! You can replace a stock. But that is very expensive. With either your choice of wood or a good plastic one.   (I hate most plastic gun parts by the way)
So when I say expensive think at least $200 and up. IF you can find a good Gun Smith & if he has time for it. So add another couple of hundred to the tally.
NO I AM NOT TRY TO SCARE YOU! But I do want you to go in with your eyes open Okay?Image result for scared buyer
Unless you can get a good deal on Ebay. But that can be a gamble at times with Ebay.
Now moving right along, Sorry that this is a very long diatribe!

Let us move along to the action of the rifle.
Does it operate smoothly?
This video will give an idea as to how it should go as concerning smoothness. The first 30 seconds is all you need to see.
If yes then you are good to go!
How does the metal of the gun look like?
Does it look uniformly clean w/o any rust, pits, stains, scars, bulges, cracks or stuff like that?
How does the inside of the barrel look like?
It should look like this
Related imageRelated image
How does the trigger feel?
Ask if you can dry fire it. All this means is that you cock an unloaded Rifle and squeeze the trigger. This the best I could find on dry firing.

If the trigger have a reasonable resistance to pressure and then breaks clean. (You will feel it when you do it.)
If not – You can still think about getting it. Since you can usually replace the trigger with an aftermarket one. Which will cost around another $100.
Image result for timney trigger
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Preview YouTube video Operating a bolt action rifle: working the bolt for speed and consistency

Finally!!!! This is the last section
The last things to look for on a rifle are these things.
What kind of sight system does it have and what shape are they in?Image result for sight system rifle
How good is the free floating of the barrel of this rifle.Image result for free floating rifle
Here is some videos about Free Floating
Sight Systems
W.T.F. is he talking about?
What I mean by this is how do you aim your rifle onto the target?
The sights come in many forms.
But the Basic ones are either Iron Sights. I.E. Metal Sights attached to the gun.
Or some sort of optic sight like a Rifle scope or Light scope.
You just want to make sure that they work for you and that it is easy & accurate to use. Again you can spend some huge amounts of money if you are not careful.
More U Tubes on the subject
I hope that this article has made things a little more clearer than mud.
I wish you luck on your shopping!
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Preview YouTube video Gunsmithing – How to Free Float a Rifle Barrel Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA

Preview YouTube video Gunsmithing – How to Glass Bed a Rifle Stock Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA

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