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Some Good books about Guns!

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Over the years that I have been allowed to be on this 3rd Rock from the Sun. I have found a few books about Firearms that are actually useful.

(Yeah I know there a lot of so called “Experts” out there that are in urgent need of a bowel movement. These books do not fit in that category)
If you can find them.
The Boy Scouts Rifle & Shotgun Shooting 1967 Merit Badge Series
 (This pamphlet has a lot of good solid Info. You can possibly find one on E BAY)
The Boy Scouts also have a good pdf out there that is worth looking at.
Here is the address to look at it
There is also this
The M-1 does My Talking By Robert Bruce
 It does a very good look at the Mighty Garand. Plus its does not cost a fortune either. It is readily available too at Midway USA or Amazon.
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Know your Broomhandle Mausers by RJ Berger
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Know your 45 Auto Pistols by E J Hoffschmidt
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Both are solid works and in easily to understand terms
The Hunting Rifle by Jack O’Connor (Its just 1st rate)
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The Man could really write well and clearly!
Mister Rifleman By Col. Townsend Whelen & Bradford Angier
 Now I have owned this book since Xmas of 1969, When my Wonderful Uncle Max and Aunt Doris gave me this copy. I have found it a wealth of really useful information & is one of my all time favorite books.
  I cannot recommend this book high enough! Especially for those out there who are interested in the 1903 Springfield and the Old Krag- Jorgenson Rifle.  The man really lived a full and interesting life. That and he could write oh so well.
  Now finding a copy will be hard and expensive. But it will be well worth the efforts and cost in my humble opinion.
Cartridges of the World Frank C. Barnes
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Now this is a reference Book. But is just packed with some of the best information about the complex universe of Ammunition. It is also very easy to get a copy and does not cost a fortune either.
  All I know is that I learned a lot from it. But then I have always been a dim light.
Now I have been told by Friends that I trust. Who do reload. (I do not because I do not trust myself enough) That is a a very useful book
Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading
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