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Proposed Ammo Ban!

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Scared you huh? Just kidding!
Now in spite of the recent attempt of the Anti Gun Folks effects to give us a hard time lately. (I have to give them credit thou. It was pretty crafty to go after the Ammo Supply. You Sneaky Bastards!)
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  The average American has a vast ocean of choices to choose on what kind of ammo to feed their guns with.Image result for huge pile of ammo
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  Back in the days. (God what a bullshit term that this) Since you basically had only a few real sources of ammo available.
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  Remington , Norma, Winchester, Western and a few others, Besides the huge amount of surplus ammo that was for sale. The good news back then was it was all relatively cheap too.
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This almost makes me sick. Looking at this prices compared to what we have to pay today!
  Now if you were a cheap Bastard as I am.
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  If you looked around some pretty hard at some very strange places at times.
You could find stuff like Surplus 30-06 for around 5 bucks or even less  per ammo can full.
  There was also it seemed to me. An ocean of 9 mm ammo and AK-47 ammo too to be had also at very reasonable prices.Image result for old surplus ammo ads
But sadly those days are waning away.
  But on the other side of the coin. It was not the best stuff in the world either. A lot of it having corrosive primers. That and a lot of it, You would have to throw away for safety reasons. Image result for old surplus ammo
  Also the bullets them selves would not always work the way you wanted. When you went out shooting with it.
  Like the time I shot at a wild pig and found out that 30-06 AP ammo would go right thru the pig. The pig then decided that it wanted to go see Oregon and almost made it. (This occurrence happened down in the San Diego Area by the way. Almost 30 years ago.)
  But now a days. It is a whole different picture. When folks at Hornady came around & basically revolutionized the science of bullet making. Since in the ancient days. If you wanted you get consist results with your ammo. Then you had to reload your own.
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 Now these brands work for me. Hopefully they might work out all right for you also.
But I suggest that you do your checking own deciding about this. Because you never know how Senile I just might be.

Sellier & Bellot – I have tried their Pistol ammo and it does a good job. It’s from the Czech Republic.Image result for Sellier & Bellot

Fiocchi – Another good source of reliable pistol ammo

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Hornady – Inventor of the 6.5 Creedmoore Round. I think that they are the gold standard right now.

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Winchester- I have been using them for a while now. Generally they do a good if unspectacular job.

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Black Hills – When ever I see their 223 ammo for sale. I break out the Credit Card. Its hard to find out here in the Left Coast. But there is a reason. Its that good!Image result for Black Hills ammo

IMI Ammunition – This is the ammo that the Israeli use in the field. It does a good job. But it can leave a clean up job after wards when you clean your gun. It is usually comes in bulk form and is very reasonably priced.

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