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Ruger Rebooting Security Brand with the New Security-9

The Security-9 is a low-cost service pistol suitable for all types of everyday-carry. (Photo: Ruger)

Through the ’70s and ’80s the Ruger Security Six was one of the shooting world’s go-to handguns for personal protection, duty and home defense. Now Ruger’s bringing back the Security brand and while it’s completely different, in a way, it’s exactly the same.
The new Ruger Security-9 is a polymer-framed double-stack pistol chambered for 9mm Luger. It’s a mid-size handgun with a 4-inch barrel and compact grip with a standard capacity of 15+1.
This is the definitive all-purpose handgun today. Following the baseline set by the Glock 19, the Security-9 is the right caliber and the right size to get just about everything done.
And it doesn’t hurt that Ruger’s newest 9mm is priced to move. Even if — on paper — the Security-9 doesn’t do anything new, with its $379 MSRP, it undercuts all its competition.
That means, at full price, the Security-9 will cost less than other mainstream service pistols. With real-world pricing being even lower, buyers can expect to find Service-9 pistols starting around $300.
The how behind the low pricing is a bit surprising. At the heart of the Service-9 is the LCP, Ruger’s wildly successful concealed-carry pistol.

It has simple controls and an even easier manual of arms.(Photo: Ruger)

Unlike the majority of service pistols in this format, the Security-9 is actually hammer-fired. Ruger’s spent years developing their hammer-fired operating system to make it even lower-cost than common striker-fired mechanisms.
The hammer-based firing system is fully-cocked to give the Security-9 a true single-action trigger. Single-action triggers are making a serious comeback in the service pistol market because they handle and shoot better. Single-action triggers also have short and crisp reset points. And with current trigger safeties, they offer the same security as a double-action trigger.
Because it’s hammer-fired users also don’t need to pull the trigger for disassembly. This addresses a real safety concern, particularly for law enforcement and agency use. It also makes the slide easier to rack and everyone likes that.
Another plus for both departmental and private shooters alike is that the Security-9 uses a dead-simple interchangeable sight system. The front sight indexes with a roll pin while the rear sight is adjustable and held in place by a screw.
The Security-9 has a standard white dot front sight with a white outline rear. They also offer red and yellow sights separately for just $9 with more sight options to follow.

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Other benefits from using the LCP fire control system include a one-piece sub-frame that provides full-length rails for the slide. This improves reliability and can promote accuracy. It’s machined from lightweight aluminum and it uses an internal hammer catch and spring-tensioned sear for drop safety.
The Security-9 has two external safeties, a passive trigger safety and a manual thumb safety. Hopefully Ruger has plans for a model without a manual thumb safety like with the LCP Pro.
From there on the gun is pretty vanilla. It weighs 23 ounces unloaded and measures in at 5 inches tall and just over 7 inches long. It has a textured glass-filled nylon grip frame with a blued slide and barrel and comes with two steel-bodied magazines. Additional magazines are priced about where you’d expect with a $39 MSRP.
It looks like the new Security-9 is a solid do-everything pistol and is in a good place to inherit the Security brand. With a little time, aftermarket and accessory support, the Security-9 could be at the top of the list for go-to handguns for anyone, especially people on a budget.

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