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Why I like Sporterized Rifles Part 2

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Here are really what the basic parts that a Good Gunsmith Needs to build a good custom rifle!

Now on to why I prefer Sporterized Bolt Actions Part 2!
 The models that I like are Springfield 1903 Bolt Actions and the Various Mauser 98 especially the Argentine Models. Image result for Argentine Model             No not that Argentine Model! Jeez FOCUS Grumpy!!
This one!Image result for Argentine Model mauser rifle
or this.
Image result for Argentine Model mauser rifle
Which could be turned into something like this!
Image result for ugly sporterized rifle
  All right now let us move on from that embarrassing incident!
  It seems to me, That I remember somehow. That from say when President Theodore Roosevelt went on safari with a custom 1903 Springfield Rifle in 1908.Image result for TR In africa
 Up until let us say the mid 1970’s.Image result for 1970's
 There was a golden age of taking Military Rifles and converting them to a civilian type looking rifle.Image result for teddy roosevelt's rifle
  Now granted some of these veterans of the wars were just butchered. When some idiot would take a hack saw and chop off parts of the stock and maybe hack off part of the barrel also. Then off to “a hunting will we go”.
  Granted for most folks back then. Times were a hell of a lot tougher than we can imagine now a days. Image result for really tough times medievalNo they were not that tough Grumpy!
But some of the rifles from that time period. That I have seen over the years. Would make a hard man cry. But that is just the way it is.
Image result for bubba guns
Image result for bubba guns
Pakistani bolt-action AK
  But on the other hand. You still see some absolute works of art out there. For example I have seen a couple of Griffin & Howe 1903’s. That I would buy in a second. Right after I win the lottery that is.Image result for teddy roosevelt's rifle 1903 springfield rifles
Image result for teddy roosevelt's rifle 1903 springfield rifles
  Then you have the middle ground. Where I do most of my looking. As you can find some really outstanding rifles at some really reasonable prices. Like for example. I have a few Springfield 1903 Rifles that are just wonderful.Image result for custom 1903 springfield rifles  I also have a few Custom Mauser 98’s in various calibers. I am not a fan of the 8 mm Mauser Round by the way. Since it is just too big a caliber for me and my arthritis.
Image result for look of pain after shooting a gunAnswer is! -Don’t shoot a 505 Gibbs in a 9 pound rifle!
 That and there is a real shortage of Grizzly Bears out here in Southern California for some reason. Plus I can not afford the higher grade of 8 mm ammo to get any kind of decent patterns.
  But I do have a Custom Mauser 98 in 257 Roberts. That I bought on line a few years ago. So when it finally got here. All I had to do was to take it to the range and zero it in. That’s it ! No trips to the Gunsmith for a tune up. Nada! It just shoots & shoots well Thank You very much My Lord!257 Roberts Superformance +P 117gr SST (Per 20)
  So here is why that I will almost always choose a custom rifle over a factory made on.  I think that this covers all the reasons on why.
  Since it started out as a Military Rifle over in the Fatherland during WWI. It had to undergo a a pretty strict inspection for it to be accepted by the Imperial  German Army.  An outfit that is not noted for sloppiness.Image result for wwi german army how tough was it
Do you want to talk back to this guy? I think that I will pass myself!
  Then somehow I suspect that it got brought back by either a Doughboy or a GI after one of the World Wars. I am told that the our Army had no real problem back then with the Guys bringing back Trophy Guns. As they were called back then.Image result for GI looting guns in wwii
So once it got here to the Land of the Big PX.
Image result for us army px wwii
I am willing to bet that a pretty good Gunsmith got his hands on it.Image result for a real old school gunsmith
  Who then pulled the action from the rifle and either ditched or traded away the barrel and the old wood stock.
  He then did a pretty good job of squaring he lugs on the bolt itself. He then put on a high quality barrel and chambered it for the then popular 257 Roberts.
 The rifle was then it was given a Timney trigger at some point. Followed up by being married up with a high end Commercial stock like say a Bishop. To finish up the project. A Nice BSA Scope was mounted on it.
  To say that it is a great rifle now would not really be fair to it. But the key difference is this.
  As this rile has been basically been totally remodeled from ts original state. By one man I am willing to bet. Whose reputation is wrapped around in it. So it had better be pretty good or he is going to be out of business soon.
  It has also been very lucky as it is obvious to me. That it has been well taken care of before I got it.
  So I call it a widows gun. Since I think that the owner died and his widow or his family did not want it or needed the cash. Therefore the great price that I paid for it, I think that altogether I paid around $400 dollars about 10 years ago.
  Now could I get such a great deal on a NIB factory Rifle? Maybe. But I kind of doubt it. So I think that I will stay with these old timers for a while longer.
Because for me, it just makes way too much sense to not to.

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