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Related imageIn case you had forgotten where it was!
Okay now I am guessing that you are going what has Malta have to do with shooting. Right? So please bear with me on this one. All right?
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  Now Malta is one of the those small little countries of Western Europe. That is down in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Just south of Sicily. You know that ball that Italy is kicking.
  Anyways it is a very nice place with some really friendly folks. Image result for hot looking maltese women
Unlike some other parts of  Europe. Which I will not name. (Like that place where they eat snails for example.)
  Also since they were a Part of the British Empire for over a 150 years. You will find that most folks speak English. It is also a very popular vacation spot for the Brits during Winter & Summer.
Related imageYeah I know this picture is not very PC nowadays!
  But the good news is that it is one of the few places in Western Europe where Gun Ownership is allowed & flourishes.
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As they have several gun shops there that I found out about on the web alone!
Map of gun shops in malta
That & the sport of Bird shooting is a very popular local sport. Since a lot of migratory birds flee the cold European Winters for the warmer African climate. By way of here.
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  Anyways, If You get a chance & are in the neighborhood you might want to check it out. I know that I had some really good experiences there.

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